Not reached. As tore questioning Yanukovych

Не доехали. Как сорвали допрос Януковича

The long-awaited interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych did not take place.

The interrogation of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych never took place.

Yanukovych was supposed to act as a witness for the defense in the case of shootings on the Maidan, but the courtroom was not taken of the accused.

Before the court in Ukraine have built the theory to disrupt the meeting, and now you say who it could be profitable.

Correspondent.nethas gathered information on the interrogation of Yanukovych.

Theory to interrogation

In the morning there appeared information that the interrogation may be disrupted due to a fire in an underground reservoir of Kiev, which occurred in the night from 24 to 25 November.

The fire could have been staged to disrupt the questioning, said a source channel 112 in the power structures.

“Cable in an underground reservoir burned at Zhilyanskaya, 86. Please note, SES a few hours did not start to extinguish the fire, because “waiting for written permission from the “Kyivenergo”. Thus, communications suffered significant damage, which can complicate the interrogation of Yanukovych,” – said the interlocutor of the channel.

The fire lasted about five hours. Rescuers for a long time did not start to extinguish the flames, waiting for written permission from Kyivenergo.

Only at 21:00, firefighters began the elimination of emergency. As a result of incident the part of nearby houses were without electricity.

Questioning Yanukovych’s videoconference was held at Zhilyanskaya 142, 700 m from the fire.

Who in the end broke

The interrogation had picked the Right sector, which are not released from jail suspects berkutovtsy.

About a hundred activists of the Right sector blocked the exit from the Lukyanovka jail. From the building of the jail was to take former employees of the Berkut special forces to participate in the meeting in the Sviatoshynsky district court of Kyiv on the case of murders of activists of the Euromaidan.

The trial without the accused could not take place, and that’s what eventually happened.

In the Right sector rather peculiar explained his actions.

They say that block berkutovtsy because for three years, still no one is punished, and “if Yanukovych now saying that the Berkut is not guilty they are released, we will not allow”.

And yet the SS said that they want to show – “one of the killers is not sitting”. But, it turns out that to hold court, to put murderers, the activists did not give.

“We see that for three years no representative of the “Berkut” was not punished. They just go and laugh at the condemned victims. According to the statements of Yanukovych, they can just let go from the courtroom to freedom. We will not allow to be released because they are murderers and belong in jail. Volunteers and public organizations are forced to make commitments that are not covered by the state”, – said the press Secretary of “Right sector” Artem Skoropadsky.


At the hearing the court stated that to deliver the accused into the courtroom failed and postponed the interrogation to 28 November.

Yanukovych said he was ready to be in this day. According to him, he wants to “find out the truth.”

Не доехали. Как сорвали допрос Януковича


“This is my own initiative to act as a witness in this case. This is my personal decision to establish the truth in this matter”, – said Yanukovych.

He recalled that the failure of the court session criminal liability, and therefore those who did it are criminals.

Previously, the former President appealed to Svyatoshinskogo district court of Kiev with the request under any circumstances to conduct his interrogation it was on Friday, November 25.

“I would ask you, your honor, whenever possible, to hold the meeting. We have done everything that depended on us with the Rostov court below was. We were warned that there will be provocations. The court must bear in mind that it is also a violation of the law and those who violate these laws and let today’s session of the court, must be punished”, – said Yanukovych in the court room.

Who benefits?

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the interior Ministry will not enter into violent conflict with the protesters near the building of the jail.

“The national police and the National guard will ensure the delivery of defendants to court as soon as you have the technical ability, and thus we will not impose the participation of provocation, the draw of the fluent ex-the President under the dictation of the aggressor country”, – he said.

Не доехали. Как сорвали допрос Януковича