Not so combative. Who replaced Vyatrovich

Не такой воинственный. Кто заменил Вятровича

Anton Drabovich

The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed Anton Drabovich the new head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory.

Ukrainian Institute of national memory became famous far beyond Ukraine. In the country, he also often gets into the news. That is, the INP initiated de-communization, the mass renaming of towns and streets. Head of INP Vladimir Vyatrovich was to blame in the conflict with Poland because of historical issues.

The government changed, viatrovych is the leadership of the Institute already in Parliament, and the INP got a new boss.

They became Anton Drabovich. know all about the new head of the Institute of national remembrance.

The Antithesis Of Viatrovych

In an interview with the Historical truth during the competition for the post Anton Drabovich said he wants “to make an official politics of memory in Ukraine more balanced and liberal.”

Among the tasks in this position he sees the change of image of the Institute and render it more understandable to taxpayers role.

“The organization is not perceived as a mouthpiece for propaganda, ideological struggle, or propaganda, and it became clear to citizens a tool to build public dialogue and fostering healthy identity,” explains Drabovich.

He also promises to provide “historical honesty and the strengthening of intellectual fashion in critical thinking” and greater inclusiveness of official historical memory, “to make more of an effort to preserve the memory of the common history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian poles, Jews, Armenians, Tatars, Greeks, Bulgarians and others.”

The new head admitted that Vladimir viatrovych and his team have done a lot of work, but stressed that he “like not all solutions and the methods by which they acted”.

Response Vyatrovich

Viatrovych believes the appointment of Grabovica “another wrong personnel decision of the government in the humanitarian policy.”

“This is not a mistake but a turn in the other direction. In the national memory may not be the place to stay for Ukraine and Ukrainians,” – said vyatrovich.

Not a historian

Anton Drabovich – candidate of philosophical Sciences and associate Professor of the National pedagogical Dragomanov University. Managed the educational programs of the Memorial centre of the Holocaust of Babi Yar.

Grabovica called expert in the field of education and culture, researcher of mythology and modern communications, art critic, Board member of the Youth Association of religious studies.

Earlier Drabovich worked in Mystetskyi Arsenal, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, Ukraine gallery the Art Gallery, the International Forum of Ukrainian ID.

Drabowicz was a fellow of Завтра.UA the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

In one of the articles on the Mirror of the week in 2017, he writes that the number of pensioners is a serious problem for the Ukrainian government. But “alleviate the question” will work demographic statistics and working pensioners. The author considers these and other factors “positive trends”, which will remove the burden on the pension system of the country.


Drabovich – co-owner of the apartment in Kiev area of 51.65 sq. m. he Also has a VW Polo 2004 model year, purchased in January 2017.

Last year, Drabovich got a 93 318 USD salary in the Institute of Drahomanov. He also declared 357 393 UAH of income from entrepreneurial activities. His wife Irina Drabovich earned 52 970 UAH of a salary for a job in the charity Fund.

Grabovica cash a 500 000 hryvnias, his wife 200 000.