Not so the police. The reform of the interior Ministry fails

Не такая полиция. Реформа МВД дает сбой

The Ukrainians had hoped that the law enforcement system will become an assistant citizens

Why the success of the transformation of the interior Ministry do not believe the experts, social activists, former employees and even she passed re-certification.

One hundred policemen, who as a result of certification have been dismissed from bodies of internal Affairs, was restored to service by administrative courts of several areas. Now the state is obliged not only to return to their former positions, but also to pay wages for three or four lost months, writes Marina Savchenko at No. 18 in the magazine Reporter on may 13, 2016.

According to unofficial data, the Ukrainian courts lies about 500 such claims. Their number may increase if the national police will lose the appeal has already pronounced decisions.

But if in June the District court of Kyiv will meet trade Union organizations of the interior Ministry, which has submitted the claim about recognition illegal of certification in General, their appeal against the dismissal of all police officers. A just resentment, out of principle. But just a few months ago, the reform of the interior Ministry was considered almost the only visible transformation in the state, occurred over two years. What’s wrong with her and if we can save it?

One step forward, two back

Police officers from the quick response team patrolling the streets of Kiev suburb of Brovary and Brovary district, the police Department does not catch. 180 th region per shift serve only four cars, two people in each. They complain about literally everything — from minor accidents, and noisy neighbors to robberies and murders.

New patrol, in whose Arsenal of tablets, laptops, lights, quality form, car and full fuel tanks are required to arrive at each call in the minimum time. But their movement can track not only the Department but also in the management of national police of the Kiev region.

“When in early February, was started this project, we were supposed to be nine such groups, says the head of the rapid response teams of the police Brovary Ruslan Otrok. — They are formed from the precinct, officers, employees PPS, traffic police. Machines was not enough at all — and we were asked to do six groups. Agreed. All got new uniforms. We started to work.

Felt quick success — the arrest in hot pursuit, the appreciation from the townspeople, who were more likely to see the police on the streets and wasn’t afraid to step up and share the problem. And then came the certification, which quickly weed out those who were already working in new ways. In the end of the six groups we have four. And not have passed the most skilled employees. The rest are now forced to work harder, but for the same money”.

Rapid response team — a model for transforming a small regional Department, was first tested last summer in the town of Sambor, Lviv region. After several months of work, it was recognized as the most successful component of the reform of the interior Ministry patrol began to come on slight call to the remote villages. The population is almost the first saw the then old policemen with the new human face and ceased to perceive them solely as bribe-takers and murderers. Patrol normalized working day, increased salaries for 600 – 800 USD.

Alas, this success was repeated in many towns of Ukraine, can be offset by the impending certification, which in the Lviv region have not yet carried out. And Brovary — a vivid example.

“So one reform contradicts the other, taking one step forward and two back,” says Otrok. — After the evaluation of our salaries have not increased to take new people in these places I can’t, because the interior Ministry has announced a contest and has not approved the staffing table. And it’s not just my unit. All of the Department removed 40% of the staff, including all Deputy chief. And to work?”

About his experience passing the attestation Otrok says reluctantly. Trying to evade the question, distracted by calls, letters, visitors.

“She angered me and hurt, I though this process was successful — finally exhales. — That’s why you had to ask, do I do drugs, if every year we pass medical examination? What to listen to questions about whether he took bribes, beat people? Well stretched during mass events, and got to.

“What can I say! I’m 17 years he worked in the organs — first the psychologist, then to the headquarters. And before certification for the first time in my life I experienced real fear — echoed by the chief of the patrol, Alexander Kravchenko. — Was afraid that I, as a mutt, thrown into the street”.

A matter of principle

This conversation took place two months ago, in March. Then certification, which experts called the first step in reforming the ossified services in the Ministry of internal Affairs (investigative and operational units), took place in Kiev and the region. As well as Volyn, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Odessa. In full swing the process was in Nikolaev.

“Fired from 13 to 20% of employees, among senior staff of militia of Kiev and region unable to pass the test 40 and 60% of employees”, — said the adviser to the interior Minister Ivan Varchenko.

A few days after this conversation, in the District court of Kirovohrad adopted the first decision in favor of the police officer who was fired for certification… And off we go! So much so, that the head of the Regional court Pavel Vovk urged for wrongful certification… to bring the head of Hatiya Dekanoidze to criminal liability.

“Judges, protecting officers, subconsciously put yourself in their place, because they too are waiting for the recertification and remain in suspense for the third year, — says doctor of legal Sciences, expert of the group of police under the control of Boris Malyshev. — Also often from the point of view of jurisprudence in these matters is entitled to reinstatement of the dismissed police officers on the job. After all, the law On the National police, which was adopted last summer, it clearly States that the certification of all police officers had to hold until November 7. But this is indicated in the statutory period did not happen. Certification began only in December.

Thus the statement on which it was carried out, imperfect. For example, it clearly defines the right of committees to decide on the service inconsistency candidates, regardless of the documents that are in their personal Affairs. It so happened that the instruction about the certification more loyal in terms of respect for human rights and less effective in terms of radical cleansing of the police. These judges and are guided by: a man with no penalties, its well characterized at work and it is nice to have passed the test, as a fee for 15 minutes of conversation was able to determine that it does not match the position?”

Is it possible at all in such a short time to collect solid evidence on all those who have a spotted coat? One of the former employees of criminal investigation Department of Kiev Alexey who has not passed through the sieve certification, said that even in the capital the process was not as transparent as it looked from the outside.

“I was fired by seeing the file. And there service in the OCD, and a lot of penalties. They can not be in the field, which give 20 years of my life, ” says the operative. Because somewhere we’re going to provocation and deceit. In the end, one of the members of the Commission told me that I have detained only those criminals who could not pay off. And if I leave at work, I will teach bad young. On the day I was fired. It was found that the work remained many who for all time a single case is not closed, or those on whom the labels to put anywhere”.

The decision of the Commission Alexey will challenge. And not for the money or reinstatement. Rather, from the principle.

“Believe me, people like me, there are thousands, says former Opera. — While recovering, they are the next day quit. Because many have found a decent job and don’t want to go back to a system that threw them away”.

The rebellion of men

The system, however, is protected. And not only from those who are fired. But those who enthusiastically fired.

The national police has decided to reduce the number of Commission members who represent community organizations. After all to them have had the biggest unverified claims. They ask provocative questions, not know the nature of the work, are asked to list the names of those killed on the Maidan and to sing the national anthem on his knees.

“From now on, in the commissions work three people from the interior Ministry, a police patrol officer and two volunteers,” says a former member of evaluation committees of Kiev and Odessa, the representative of the Automaidan Oleg Pusak. — That is, when the entire crystal-clear purity of public men they won’t have a majority. Moreover, MVD reformatted lists of commissions. For example, I had to work on certification of the police of Chernihiv, but found that my list of commissions anymore. But there were people’s deputies with questionable backgrounds. It is possible that the public may be handheld, such that include former police officers, for example.”

Social activists believe: thus in the interior Ministry are trying to keep the certification process, thereby not to allow judges and further packs to satisfy the claims of the dismissed from the police.

“Well. Certification they maintain. But what is its point then, if again will become a kind of police “get-together”? This is not just a setback. It is a complete failure. And keep quiet about it we will not.”

The interior Ministry changes in the approaches do not deny. But insist that all this is in order that the procedure was effective

The interior Ministry changes in the approaches do not deny. But insist that all this is in order that the procedure was effective.

“In the process of certification will take into account all the shortcomings of the previous phase. Including those formalities which the courts decide in favor of fired, — said the adviser to the interior Minister Ivan Varchenko. For example, the top leadership of police departments in 16 areas will come to the interview in Kiev. Moreover, each pre-form of the dossier (Declaration, data sources, statistics “high profile” cases in the region). First in the queue, police officers from the Cherkassy, Chernigov, Vinnitsa and Zhitomir. To complete the process we want until the end of June. As for fears of public men, all this theory. Their suspicion is that the certification will be carried out of pocket by civil organizations, we’re trying to reduce to zero”.

However, and here understand that reform hangs in the balance. Recognize this and those who stood at its source, for example, the developers of the law On the national police.

“In fact, no one has clear data on the results of attestation, — says member of the expert group police under the control of Boris Malyshev. — Dekanoidze said that you were fired, 80% of heads of departments of the Kyiv region. But when we submitted an official inquiry, found that fired only 12%. In this Chapter, evaluation committees report that recommended that about a quarter of all dismissal. It turns out that the police did not always comply with the decisions of the commissions. They could be transferred to somewhere, for example. If the results are disastrous, then why was it necessary to spend so much money and time on this?”

There are objective reasons hindering reform. Home — a surge of crime that occurred in the last two years because of the war, economic collapse… the leadership of the national police have to balance between old employees and new, to find a compromise. Otherwise, the country may be simply vulnerable to invasion crime.

As a consequence, another phenomenon — MVD, simply refused to pass recertification and continuing to work. For example, such as Ilya Kiva. There is a risk that the need to compromise to make reform just another cosmetic repair of the facade of the rotten building of the Ukrainian militia. Moreover, all previous attempts of reforms to the visible results never led.


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