Not the Ukrainian who goes in embroidery and shouts “zrada”

Не тот украинец, кто ходит в вышиванке и кричит "зрада"

Ask me how I feel about Shukhevych and Bandera. No, I don’t have anything to do with them, because it is people, I’m so very carefully answer is people with very complex background, is very ambiguous. They is a big problem in some sense for Ukraine and all the problems for Ukraine.

Why? Because this is such an amazing country, where different parts of this country worship the different characters. In this case, I think, the main idea is do not ban these people because it is the juxtaposition of the parts of society other parts of society. Is the ability to “stitch” the country. It is very difficult, the authorities are trying to do – sometimes worse, sometimes better, but this is a huge task.

Those who live in Ukraine, must understand that those who look East to Russia, does not evaporate, no matter how much fans of Bandera and Shukhevych did not try to do it. Similarly, the opposite: those who don’t accept these historical persons, we have to understand that, you need to give them history. It is necessary that people understand that this is not a monogosudarstvom. That is, it is a unitary state form of government, but it is not monogosudarstvom in thought, in ideas.

Ukraine is very different. What is “Ukrainian”? Is one who walks in embroidery? It is he who speaks Ukrainian? No.

Apparently, for me, the criterion of “Ukrainian” is what I said in the beginning: the one who sees Ukraine proud, powerful country, in which at least slightly stepped on the throat of corruption, a country that no one worships.

See, you can say, those who fight in the Parliament – the Ukrainians? “Well, the stench schiro razmovlyayut ukraïnskoyu movoyu.” It is important to understand that the search for a Ukrainian is a very serious process. If you noticed, all say “zrada zrada” – a favorite word of Ukrainian. It seems to me that embroidery is not important. One who works for the good of the state, who makes it more powerful, stronger, and Ukrainian.

Matthew Ganapolsky

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