Not undermines, or incinerate Ukraine. The appeal of the President on the occasion of the 100th anniversary events of the Ukrainian revolution

Не расшатывайте и не поджигайте Украину. Текст обращения президента по случаю 100-летия событий Украинской революции

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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Dear compatriots!

Heavy duty political earthquake for Europe and Asia was the First world war, then destroyed several empires. In the early twentieth century, they seemed unshakable foundations of continental order, and for some twenty years, those giants with feet of clay fell, and the ruins emerged a number of new independent States. On the stage of history in full voice declared itself the peoples over the right to independent existence which in the leading European capitals, not even thought of.

Soon, the Czech Republic and Poland, Finland and Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, the other close to us countries will celebrate the centenary of the recovery or the Declaration of independence. We sincerely share the joy of friendly Nations, especially because in our own calendar this date yet. We lost as many as 75 years to get back on the path, which did not overcome in the early twentieth century.

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Today we not only celebrate how much analyze the mistakes of our distant predecessors. Analyzed in order to avoid such themselves. To explore, to learn and not to repeat – here’s what’s important. Doctors strongly suggest a cold shower as an effective prophylactic. And for politicians it is highly useful is the cold shower of history.

I would like to note that I fully share the opinion of Ivan Lusaka-Rudnytsky, who said: “It is a mistake to talk about the defeat of the Ukrainian revolution. It has not reached its final objectives, but internally regenerated society of Ukraine” On the foundations of the Ukrainian national revolution of 1917-1920 was developing “the whole future of Ukrainian life.”

The Ukrainian idea, which up to that for decades was interested in only a narrow circle of national intelligence, massively captured by peasants and taken root among the workers.

During the first years of the Revolution even the then Ukrainian elite was in captivity autonomist illusions about the mythical Federal and democratic Russia. Universal of the Central Rada on the independence was only the fourth, and, I am absolutely convinced, would have to be the first. However, after the Revolution the question of independence is so ingrained in the minds of Ukrainians that it could obliterate entire seventy years of the dictatorship. And I think that this was already an irreversible process.

And even the Bolsheviks were forced to reckon with the scope and strength of the Ukrainian national movement. Is the aggregate of little republics and provinces of the Ukraine appeared, – though not yet detached, but already allocated. And with a legal right to secede. Of course, in the Constitution of the Soviet Union the rule is firmly believed dead, but we, Ukrainians, brought her back to life as soon as developed suitable for the circumstances.

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And the Central Rada, Ukrainian national Republic, the Hetmanate and the Directory paved the way Ukraine goes in the future. And for that we should be grateful to the outstanding figures of the time, such as Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Pavlo Skoropadsky, Symon Petliura, Yevgeny Konovalets, Dmytro Dontsov, Yevhen Petrushevych and others. And grateful to the millions of Ukrainians who were aware of their national and civil rights. And most of all – those who fought for independence with arms in their hands who were real soldiers of the revolution, soldiers not in a figurative but in the literal sense of the word.

Respectable society!

Last fall, speaking to students of Kiev on the occasion of strategically Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, I quoted the relevant opinion of Vasily Klyuchevsky: “history is not a teacher but an overseer: it teaches nothing, but only punishes for ignorance of lessons.” As you can see, sometimes even Russian historians are right.

What we then went wrong and why we lost independence, in contrast to our closest neighbors?

The first reason is about the ideological orientation: the orientation for a Federation with Russia and dopey socialist and Communist doctrines. They instead consolidate the nation, fomented class and social hatred between the different layers of the Ukrainian society and made it vulnerable to a foreign enemy. Think only Skoropadsky insisted that Ukraine must not become a field for socialist experiments.

Second, short-sighted, myopic pacifism prevented in time to create a real Ukrainian army, a sober assessment of the threat posed by Russia to Ukraine and firmly prepare for external aggression the white, the red. “Power – wrote the infamous Ants – we are in the far North on the points of their bayonets and where it is installed, maintain it by force of these bayonets.” Russian intervention Russian troops and Russian weapons that has played a crucial role in the suppression of the revolution. And Russian propaganda – just because of the sweet promises of Ukrainians courted by the Bolsheviks. Nothing like?

Thirdly, due to the lack of international support for Ukraine in the decisive battle with the Russians was left one-on-one with the aggressor.

But the thing that gave then to strengthen the Ukrainian independent state – the lack of internal unity, political strife, anarchy, the ataman.

“Our then leaders, wrote in his “Memoirs of the commander” Mikhail Omelyanovich-Pavlenko, commander of the UNR army, and party slogans were put above the state, above personal moments public.”

Moscow-Petrograd hordes, like locusts, a cloud behind a cloud moved to Ukraine. And some of the leaders of the Ukrainian movement, meanwhile, believed that the main thing – to raise an insurrection against the Hetman. The organizers did not avoid to talk with Lenin’s Sovnarkom, offering for help in the rebellion to legalize in Ukraine, the Bolshevik party.

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Kaleidoscopic changes of government, permanent plots and the constant rebellions did not leave any chances for our success. The inter-party struggle and interpersonal intrigues continued even when the Ukrainian government extended no farther than the train station, which retreated locomotive with members of the government.

Unauthorized removal of an army from the front didnít look like an extraordinary event. The military could refuse to follow orders from a superior command, because the captain did not like some Minister, or so decided the soldiers ‘ Soviet. Someone went over to the red, someone ran to the white. Someone just created his own army, and a considerable part of the territory of Ukraine was eventually under the authority of various “fathers” and “atamans” with rampant lawlessness and the dictates of brute force.

Не расшатывайте и не поджигайте Украину. Текст обращения президента по случаю 100-летия событий Украинской революции

This Ukrainian history in the words Vinnichenko, really cannot be read without bromine.

But the tradition has not gone unnoticed, and in today’s Ukraine, a lot of people confuse democracy with the Makhnovshchina. We will lose our statehood, if one and all do not realize that a monopoly on the use of force is only the state; that all protest should be exclusively peaceful in nature; that passion for weapons need to show only on the front, and the train is the way to blow up in enemy territory, not in the rear of their own troops.

It is beyond the scope of these principles, the law and common sense that I will oppose all those who would try to impose in Ukraine in favor of Russia is a mess and anarchy. Will resist and conviction, and the word, and the power of law enforcement.

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I once again call on all parties as represented in Parliament and extra-parliamentary, in the hard political struggle inherent in any democracy, to look at those extremely difficult external circumstances in which we build a European Ukraine.

Want to fight against the President is asking much. You and the opposition. But Ukraine – not undermines, or incinerate!

During the four years of the Ukrainian national revolution of the last century, the power in Kiev changed at least 14 times. Someone from easier? Tell me, who from this easier. Who, besides the Kremlin, which got total control over the Ukraine by as much as seventy years. Therefore, Moscow wants is now the power in Ukraine changed with the same regularity.

Russia has always used to their advantage the benefits of democratic systems in the neighboring countries to absorb them since the periods of Novgorod and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ending Central Europe after world war II. And now, loosening of the situation in our country from within is one way a hybrid war against Ukraine, the Kremlin.

Since under the Constitution, the decision on early parliamentary elections, and the dissolution of Parliament takes the President of Ukraine, I want to stress again that the early parliamentary elections, which are primarily interested in Russia, I do not support. So they will not.

As President, I passed its halfway point, the Parliament is close to it. Not so much time before the planned elections. We have two years to based on the achieved macro-financial and macroeconomic stabilization to accelerate and retain economic growth. To make the very first results of the reforms tangible for a wide circle of Ukrainian citizens.

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The opposition offers, I would even say, imposes on the authorities the format war for mutual destruction. I will never agree to such a proposal. Domestically for me all political forces, regardless of whether they are in power or in opposition – are partners in building an independent, European, democratic state.

Today, as a hundred years ago, Ukraine to protect its independence from the Russian aggressor. In this war it is necessary to remember, what causes the discord, and to avoid the tragic mistakes that led to the defeat of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 years, and chief among them was internal disagreement in the face of external aggression.

Remember how our father: “Only when we are United, we are invincible”. Remember the ancient wisdom: “Courage is doing the victory, unity creates the undefeated”.

Remember the Ukrainian song, the prayer: “unity is the power of the people. God, give us unity”.

Не расшатывайте и не поджигайте Украину. Текст обращения президента по случаю 100-летия событий Украинской революции
Не расшатывайте и не поджигайте Украину. Текст обращения президента по случаю 100-летия событий Украинской революции

Не расшатывайте и не поджигайте Украину. Текст обращения президента по случаю 100-летия событий Украинской революции

Glory To Ukraine!

Petro Poroshenko

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