Novinsky commented on the order to verify his citizenship

Новинский прокомментировал поручение о проверке его гражданства

Novinsky answered the request of the President to verify his citizenship

According to him, the legality of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship has been repeatedly tested.

The people’s Deputy Vadim Novinsky commented on behalf of the President of Petro Poroshenko to check the legality of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. The statement it published on its website.

Novinsky noted that regarding his citizenship had already been spent checking different competent authorities. Who previously carried out the inspection is not specified.

The MP said that the petition “there is not one word of truth”. “From the first to the last letter is a lie. For the last 2 years I got used to it and calm attitude to the slander”, – is spoken in the comment.

Thus Novinsky believes the reason for such attention to their nationality the fact that he is in opposition.

“Your past and current activities “under the microscope” – if power was the slightest reason to accuse me of an illegal act, he would have been long ago used”, – says the MP.

We will remind, on April 26, President Petro Poroshenko instructed the State migration service to check the legality of granting citizenship to Vadim Novinsky. Thus the head of state responded to the petition, which gathered more than 25 thousand votes.

Novinsky received the agenda on interrogation in GPU