Now and citizens can afford to live in the houses of the European level

Теперь и киевляне могут позволить себе жить в домах европейкого уровня

Housing Euro-class is first and foremost a fundamentally new approach to quality development. Now modern technology available to residents of the Ukrainian capital.

Construction company BD Holding has designed and implemented five modern, fully-furnished residential complexes in the suburbs of Kiev.

What is housing new generation?

This home, built to the highest requirements of comfort and comfort. In such houses warm during winter, and in summer their walls give its residents a pleasant coolness. In the construction successfully used a unique combination of natural properties of natural materials.

Actual construction of the objects represented by the holding company in the real estate market is housing that meets all European standards. In the construction of modern housing use of environmental technologies. Each of the housing complexes of new generation houses built with the use of innovative methods in relation to heat and electricity, engineering and security. Home Euro-class now being built in Kiev and in other regions of our vast country.

The result of the productive work of skilled engineers and builders is best combination of effective insulation and using only environmentally friendly materials, energy efficiency in electricity supply. In house projects accounted for literally everything, down to the direction and force of the wind. Everything is designed with utmost precision, to result in the presence of absolute comfort, the energy consumption was minimal.

The main objective of the company BD Holding – the creation of safe housing

Designers holding use reliable materials of the highest quality combined with the latest technology:

• Used in the construction of environmentally friendly and safe materials – ceramic blocks.
• Used for insulation foam and mineral wool.
• Ventilated facades from ceramic granite is an ecological and durable material, which even after decades will not lose their external look presentable.

The company’s motto – convenience and comfort in everything. Following my creed, the developer provides to apartment complexes for maximum serviceability in housing, but also a surrounding infrastructure. The lounge common areas on the first floors of houses, lobby room, designed for relaxing and entertaining.

Also there are special facilities for bicycles, strollers and other dimensional things are easier to leave behind the walls of the apartment, but be full of confidence for their safety, provided by the Concierge. Very comfortable bike paths, arranged adjacent to the residential complex site.

LCD covers all the needs of the residents

On the residential complex you will not see a single parked car – they are specifically provided for underground Parking. Here everything is provided to ensure that the life was comfortable and decades later. Underground Parking equipped with chargers for electric cars, which are now not so much, but in the near future, the number of eco-friendly transport will increase.

Fans of the sport, which is located in the modern residential complexes, do not have to look for gyms in the city. You only need to go down to the yard and walk a few steps. Families with children will have to carry their children to educational institutions far away. In modern LCD equipped with absolutely everything for maximum convenience and security.