Now the disappointment is not in his youth and precocity politicians

Сейчас разочарование не в молодости, а в скороспелости политиков

The NISS Director Andriy Yermolaev in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 13.12.2016

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is philosopher, political analyst Andrei Yermolayev.

Hello. You talk a lot about the instability of the Ukrainian society, that after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, we have not found equilibrium on some basic principles. And who today have found a balance?

Ermolaev: a young philosopher noticed that less in the modern world people who experienced a real. About the intellectual sphere, it is fashionable to say that it makes no sense to be smart if you are not able to survive it. And I can sadly say that Ukraine is rich in smart people, but very few of those who are able spiritually to survive it. This is important because in fact what we perceive as a crisis and bring it to the planet, such a feeling has its reverse side. Ever since the first cave, mankind lived in peace. Tragedy, war, disaster had on each generation. And, of course, every contemporary of his time, experiences it as a unique phenomenon. Unfortunately, the fate of humanity is tragic, tragic but optimistic. We learn from the tragedies. The modern world is that we can see today, formed of the last 50 years. Such a world was not yet 50 years ago and the number of communities, and the number of States that have received a historic, unique opportunity to define themselves, to organize themselves. Ukraine in this series – as a young nation. Now on the world map more than 200 nation-States, and the world continues to self-determination. The problem is that there are people who dream of statehood, there are only a few hundred thousand, and there are political nation, which unite tens of millions. This process is further self-determination (post-colonial, post-Imperial), and he’s just getting started. And God only knows how many peoples and small Nations will find the courage, the courage to organize themselves and to declare to the world that we also want to be themselves in this global world and also have the right to let modern, even postmodern, but the state. These processes, by the way, happen in our community, where there are sometimes ambition, sometimes radical, which we perceive as a separatist, controversiae. But this process is accompanied by the formation of the world orchestra peoples who, rejecting Empire, gaining the right to own, looking for friends in history. So there are the EU, new communities. This contradictory process we are experiencing now. And he is accompanied by losses and successes. Some people are beginning to dictate the story, and some become a resource for others and live in others ‘ strategies. This is a problem which the national idea, what are the cultural worlds assert themselves in the twenty-first century, and which will be secondary, weak.

– Do you have premonitions vast, apocalyptic changes?

The next world is so unique (and we, by the way, can see now – we have about 8 billion), which is a huge number of people on the planet, but however the fact is that this world is more protruding, more developed individuality. Now we can afford to live in a way that each of those 7 billion can be held as a person. The same can be said about the problems of globalization of the world. New centers of world development, along with national governments, international organizations, corporations, intellectual clubs, which are no less important sometimes than corporate influence. And yet people in this world still remains a collectivist person, who identificeret not only as a generally “I” but also as a carrier of culture, traditions, experience communications. It is important to realize that this competition for the future, for life takes place in conditions, when we have in a broad sense, globalized things and ideas and people come together among themselves in national and ideological projects about the order of things and the interpretation of common ideas. Who with the collapse of the Communist Empire might think that there will be another new attempt of ideological projects? ISIS is an ideological project that unites representatives of different ethnic groups, and Nations under a common ideology of religious persuasion. They are creating new community and fighting for it with the weapons, becoming a terrorist force in the world. This may be an extreme manifestation, but a manifestation of how, regardless of globalization, people still will form the new networking community with its vision of a world mechanism for the preservation of tradition, of experience and of self-organization, including the state.

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– Do not you think that in modern conditions it is very dangerous when we try a new state to be built on the grounds of equity, not law?

To live justly is to live the truth, and the truth at everyone. These truths are born of experience and history in every society. Our society too has its own history. V. Vynnychenko in the work of the “Renaissance natsiï” there are words that we lost the Republic, or we are lost, because didn’t account for the feeling among the Ukrainians, which we expected, and relied on them, offering them a Republic. Because the majority of Ukrainians were waiting for the decision of questions of land, fair land, community support, and we have relied on large landowners, because we needed to solve the budget issue, of trading with the Germans etc. We lost Ukraine, so red won. Here is the unsolved problem of the history of injustice in the economy of the Ukraine – Ukraine is a modern Ukrainian permeates this century. This injustice is constantly pushing different visions of the Ukrainian utopia: how to organize fair? All of our utopia, who are born politicians and intellectuals, always built on how to solve the problem of justice. They are always, usually leftist. We and Europe are addicted to “the left”: we speak about social standards, about income equality. We left the view of the European project.

– Why we failed to form the elite that would be formed for the nation, the meanings of the content – where to go and what kind of state to build? What happened in the last 20 years that has not happened?

– The complexity of my answer is that I consider myself a person who is also trying to participate in the response. The first thing you should pay attention to is the attitude to the acquired state. You can write absolutely brilliant work with a universal recipe that will be on the shelf that will be completely divorced from life and will not be claimed. Any idea, any hard-won response will be seen by society when it is confirmed to society daily demands and practical examples. The problem of our society these twenty years lies in the fact that we have a wild lack of positive examples of joint success. We have very little characters, born as a Republican action. In the spiritual realm and the material. Therefore, an attempt to describe some correct common task, which has no roots, turns into a wishlist. With regard to the responsibility of elites, I have not seen that in the late NINETEENTH century many Ukrainian intellectuals, writers, our critics who have been critical to the possible future of the Ukrainian idea, noted that we are very similar to servile nation. That we are constantly ruled by politically and intellectually, the elite of other countries. In Ukraine, therefore, a constant shortage of those who take responsibility for themselves. But the same can be say about Ukraine, which we know since 1991 that We were born as a civil political nation, we are proud that we have 50 million, it is quite calm attitude to the ethnic composition, the complexities of culture, because in this idea the new Ukrainians we assumed that not only the “Dukes”, not only ethnically built benchmarks and ideals, but ideals and a common recent history and current would be maintained and cultivated. Rolling to one vector, and the scandals associated with it, lead to the fact that the right to dispose of the fate of the remaining, already less than 40 million, taking on people who do not unite their actions, the will and the examples of all. More and more people, and different generations do not see themselves in this community, and therefore do not see themselves in the future. And therefore no common sense.

In Europe, there are adherents of the “Russian world” and see Putin as his symbol. There is another trend that represent the United States. And the post – Soviet area- is a battlefield. What group do you consider yourself?

– I am a supporter of the conditions of formation and birth of the Ukrainian world. In today’s world there are examples of how political nation with distinct cultural roots, with their ethnic history had statehood. But the body of the nation is much larger and richer than only the population of the state. For example, 3 million Armenians, in fact, the state of Armenia, and more than 10 million Armenians, United, supporting each other, considering themselves as a nation on the planet, which is the state. Our neighbors, the Hungarians, paying great attention to our citizens of Hungarian origin, and in the Transcarpathian region of just over 150 thousand. Ukraine in this sense, confused: with someone who she believes its from the point of view of a new project. We have the phenomenon of Diaspora, which we define as Diaspora ethnic origin: Ukrainian – kanadiytsy, the Americans, the Germans, but we have immigrants from Ukraine to Russia, of which about 2 million is displaced. Our team of now 50 million 30 are considered as Ukrainians, others – Russian and other. So is it possible to bind the Ukrainian ethnic origin or it’s still the carrier of a new, alternative ambitions of the organization? Ukrainian idea, I think, must be associated with an alternative social organization.

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– What is the basic idea of the basis of the Ukrainian world?

– Any society equilibrium when it yourself. But if we talk about which companies will be sustainable in this independence, it is a society of free and educated people. Ukraine will be, in my opinion, as successful cultural project, not as an alternative to Russia, and as an alternative to the Soviet Empire. The most successful post-Communist project, it was supposed to be Ukraine, where there would be no problem what language we implement it, what the ethnic composition and where there were no problems, the Pantheon of which party we put in the first place. The French, for example, do not mind the tomb of Napoleon, and it can stand next to a portrait of de Gaulle in the mind of a Frenchman. In Ukraine, in my opinion, Pantheon can also consist of a variety of figures of history, each of which became a part of the creation of modern Ukraine. For me, the Ukrainian idea, roughly speaking, is primarily a social and national ideal, not ethnic or historical and cultural. There was a time when the Ukrainian Republic could be a site that pulled together all the movers of the former Soviet space, where we return to the tradition of totalitarianism, authoritarianism and rudeness. And this site could become a model establishment in post-socialist society is modern, educated, successful.

– Do you think that this an opportunity missed?

– For today, Yes. She overlooked. But I watched the Maidan and look at the process as evolutionary, as processes of recent, successful post-totalitarian revolution, are important to all peoples.

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Politicians say that Americans who chose trump chose him because they are suspicious to their own elites. I believe that they do not represent the interests of the people. Such processes exist in other countries. Does this mean that the next President of Ukraine could become our Ukrainian trump?

– I am not and never carefully do not follow the intrigue in other countries. But, in my opinion, trump for those people is the epitome of the standard American dream. It became interesting to many, because after the political dynasties of professional politicians around the world are increasingly discredited because of their cheating and corruption. In our case, the phenomenon of Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Poroshenko unites one important point: in Ukraine, too, remained the perception of a winner as someone who in life is to win the right.

– There is a phrase that “Democrats believe in liberalism, and the Republicans don’t believe in anything”. Our people – the Republican apologist of such unbelief, and he is waiting for its leader, who will run on working-class districts in the cap and say that it is for people will. I think that the next election will have to wait for such a person.

– I agree that people in the cap will now be seen because they will assert themselves in all of these oligarchs with their first “vegetable base”. But still the inhabitants of the cities, dominated by the educated class, exclude the extremes. They are tired of homegrown oligarchs, but they are not going to return Lenin in a cap, with bronowicka. So if you now paint the image of the future winner, then most likely it will be about people who have a positive, but still a labor background. Now the disappointment in his youth, of course, but precocity politicians. Voters will be attentive to the fate, to biography, to the moral and employment law on political support. On first place comes the criterion of their Affairs. Professional politicians, in my opinion that just spin with the media, brightness, technicians, will leave on the second plan. Correctly speaking, not confirmed cases, forgotten the next day, the Public mind very carefully to the practicality of the policy. And I think that trained the emptiness go away. They’re leaving now. Our voters are disappointed and homegrown oligarchy, which, replacing each other, constantly holding power, but they are disappointed in these technological policies. So I expect still the Golden mean. Despite the fact that there is a demand for a strong leader, I think that will be a request for a middle ground.

– How we in the world behind the world processes? Or are we really a European country that a little slower?

– We left behind the era because despite all the pathos of the feeling of being part of Europe, we continue to behave like Bolshevik experimenters. We need Europe like landshaftnomu and harmony of human and nature. We are still nomads who treat the country like the desert. And, probably, it is the task of the generation that we are trying to raise new values: to shape a natural, human landscape. The problem is organization in the country, because Ukraine can not afford not to form a Metropolitan and a more complex structure of the countries with the developed small city, with settlements with high technological standards. Us is where to turn. But this requires not only planning, but need positive examples. I really hope this attitude to their territory, to infrastructure, to the country will be born among the younger government, which we had and which is more serious will be to develop the territory.

– Thank you very much.

Сейчас разочарование не в молодости, а в скороспелости политиков
Сейчас разочарование не в молодости, а в скороспелости политиков

Сейчас разочарование не в молодости, а в скороспелости политиков