Now the nuances are not distinguished, now is the era of rude show and dancers

Сейчас нюансы не различают, сейчас эпоха грубая – шоу и подтанцовок

Journalist, playwright, ex-captain of the Odessa KVN Valery Hait in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 06.12.2016

Vlashchenko: Today our guest is a wonderful writer, humorist, satirist, the legendary captain of the Odessa KVN team, a longtime editor of the magazine “Fountain” Valery Hait.

Hello, Valery Isaakovich. Once you were on the channel “1+1” program “Fountain club”, and I came to all your guests, because it was truly remarkable people: M. Efremov, G. Gorin, J. Growth.

Chait: “the Fountain club” was born because I wanted to replicate the feel of the game in KVN, to be on the screen again. I thought I have so many friends thanks to kaveenovskoy past that I decided to share my friends with others. And since I was already editor of the magazine “Fountain”, here also was born the name. I am very pleased that I managed to remove G. Gorin, S. Farad. To me even from Munich arrived V. Voinovich. I took R. Gabriadze, when he was touring with a theatre on Podol.

– How many programs you have removed?

– 50 programs. They stayed for the story. Now my journal has moved to electronic format, because now the paper is not very readable. I have significantly increased the number of readers. On my website journal, all, including the best transfer of the “Fountain club”.

– In an interview to a leading surprise that you left, you said to the question: “are you going to leave?” you always answer: “whenever possible, not.” Why not?

– There are different people. There are people who tend to do things, and there are people whose strength of character not to hurry. There are people who can get together to move the family to another country, and what will happen to his soul to happen then, it does not show, it hides. Moreover, some of the negative side where he lived before, they certainly are pleased, because he thinks I did the right thing that I left. And when he finds out that there’s something wrong, “well done”. This cannot fully repay the nostalgia, but somehow it slightly diminishes. I have many friends who have committed this act. We remained friends, but they’ve changed. Immigration as a magnifying glass, shows human qualities. A person generally needs to live at home. Home – this is the composition of the air, to which you are accustomed, those foods that you’re used to, and you already established some kind of stability. There is a huge importance to language. Language is the air we breathe without noticing it. When we get into the air in another language, then what happens to the body as rebuilt even the soul is a nightmare. I’m sure that nostalgic feel of 90%. Rare cases when there will be able to adapt and not to lose nothing of his human nature.

– And change if Odessa during these three years? It somehow affects your life?

– I’m pretty actively entered into all this. I would be glad if I was able to disconnect from it. But since I am an optimist, and had two of the Maidan, and not when a million people of Kiev overlooking the square… my First reaction on Facebook was: “Yak you not to love you, my Kyiv!”. What comes out of it is another question. Each new generation is born with the same supply of hope, good and evil, of faith in justice. Can’t be that new generation, for whom these concepts have ceased to exist. And this is a huge hope for humanity, not just for us optimists.

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– You were the editor of an anthology humor of the twentieth century. In the “ship of the XXI century”, “cabin humor” all other settled people. What do you think?

– The humor falls from the sky. I’m the editor of a volume of the anthology of satire and humor of the twentieth century “Odessa humor.” He took first place in the series. And not because I’m so well-assembled, brand – Odessa works. My task was to justify the trust of readers. M. Zhvanetsky said that no special Odessa humor and humor that causes laughter is jokes, causing a smile of compassion. I agree with him and disagree, because of course there is Odessa humor. And the best manifestation of this humor is the work of M. Zhvanetsky and, most importantly, its absolutely phenomenal intonation. To say that there Odessa humor, anyway, that to say that there Odessa intonation. But I say there Odessa humor is the “Odessa” humor where a bad exotic, speculation on some speech stuff, do not meet the norms of grammar. I do literary humor. There is a wonderful tradition of southern Russian school. The Odessa writers, that they were comedians, in addition to Ilf and Petrov? Although they cannot be called a pure Comedy, because the “Golden calf” or “one-story America” – is that books comedians? While some humor is more concentrated woven into the narrative than other writers have this southern Russian school. Irony pervades all these books. By the way, kata started as an absolutely brilliant satirical writer. It a few stories you can just read tonight from the scene. And “Envy” Olesha, a great novel, filled with it.

– How do you explain the fact that the real hero of the twentieth century Soviet and post-Soviet people became Bender?

– I think it’s the popularity of this literary hero. The skill of the authors is such that we feel it as a living person. But I still find it hard to imagine that someone was trying to take his example. It’s a totally different feeling. Philosophers wrote that sometimes the characters of literary works become like real people, and those who see other worlds, meet there not only people who are gone, but heroes that the skill of the writer became alive, able to reincarnate.

– Experience with large teams shows that a sense of humor after all individually. Real talent today can do without the entourage?

Today’s WHC is different from the past. I’m 20 years old don’t watch the WHC, and I don’t like. Today KVN corresponds to time, and now the show. Competing personalities, choreographers, Directors, arrangers. The contest of the captains have disappeared, because there may not be a little more witty person than Alexander Maslyakov. He is a brilliant, brilliant host, but it turned out that his main talent Manager, organizer. He created a holding company, it’s a movement. Another time. Now is the time of large strokes, the nuances disappeared. And culture is the nuances, the ability to distinguish between them. Now the nuances are not distinguished, now the era of brute – shows and dancers. But Zhvanetskiy is power, energy, and man of this magnitude does not need a dancer. And never needed.

– If you have time, when details are not needed, then I think the time will soon come when they will be needed.

– This is true. We’re optimists.

– Do you have a question?

When you have a free moment, you will browse the Internet magazine “the Fountain”?

– Of course. With pleasure.

Сейчас нюансы не различают, сейчас эпоха грубая – шоу и подтанцовок
Сейчас нюансы не различают, сейчас эпоха грубая – шоу и подтанцовок

Сейчас нюансы не различают, сейчас эпоха грубая – шоу и подтанцовок