Now to see buildings in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv and air

Теперь увидеть новостройки Киева, Львова и Харькова можно и с воздуха

Using europanorama available in the catalog Lunia now everyone will be able to consider any new construction in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Lviv from the air.

More than 300 construction and has erected new buildings of Kiev, Kharkov and Lviv you can now see from the air. In the catalogue of residential complexes Lunia has a new feature – Aero-flights. Over the course of building houses following the drone. To consider apartment complexes from all angles on the “Buildings in Kiev” and “Buildings Kiev region”.

The history of shooting buildings from the air began in 2013. Then the quadcopters were very rare. And yet this did not prevent the employees of the company Lunia to create a aerial virtual tour for 50 residential complexes of Kiev. For the first time potential buyers of primary real estate were able to appreciate the looks of any building from the height of bird flight. Europanorama already interested and the developers to embed them on their own sites.

Aerial overflights 360: details

Today, the aerial photography did not surprise anyone, but some succeeded. Here is what Andrey Mima, Director of development of the company Luna: “it’s been 4 years, and we are pleased to introduce aerial virtual tour of the next level of coolness, which we call “Aero-flyby 360″. The difference is that now rotates building, but not the direction of gaze of the viewer. Looks very cool”.

Note that you can monitor the progress of construction of residential complexes not only in Kiev and Kiev region. New buildings Lviv and Kharkiv can also be seen from the air.

Photo and europanorama – complete overview of new buildings in course of construction

Earlier, the visitors the directory Lunia could watch the progress of construction of houses from photographs. All of the photos on the website current at the time of publication and are updated monthly. The shooting of the object is conducted with one and the same point, that allows you to visually assess the state of readiness of the house and speed of construction.

With the launch of “Aerial overflights 360” users can observe the construction of new buildings and with the help of aeroperu. They will also be updated regularly, so that everyone could see the actual construction phase.

Aerial virtual tour will help to consider a new building, to assess the proximity of residential and commercial buildings, and highways to home. And thanks to this innovation, you can figure out what view will be from the Windows of future apartments.

To assess from the air can be already dozens of residential complexes in different stages of readiness. You can see how, for example, “malachite” in Kiev LCD “globe Park” in Lviv, residential complex “Favorite” in Kharkov and many other buildings.

The company plans to launch “Aerial overflights 360″ worldwide. Recall that Lunia is a leader in the field of online search residential real estate in Ukraine. In overseas markets the company operates under the brand Flatfy, and its products have already been launched in 37 countries worldwide, and this number continues to grow.”


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