NUJU: In Ukraine, every four days beat journalists

НСЖУ: В Украине каждые четыре дня бьют журналистов

In Ukraine, the cases of attacks on journalists

In July, recorded eight cases of attacks on journalists since the beginning of the year 53.

In July in Ukraine recorded eight cases of attacks on journalists. On Friday, August 3, reported the press service of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

In June, such cases were 2, and in General for 7 months of 2018 occurred on 53 of the incident.

Given the consistency and the impunity of these crimes, the national Union of journalists and the Independent media trade Union has addressed the SBU with the requirement to combine all cases of arson and to initiate proceedings under article 258 of the Criminal code (terrorist activity).

“In fact, every four days in Ukraine beat journalists! Have 53 of the incident from the beginning in Kyiv and the regions in the absence of precedents, with appropriate sanctions for attacks on journalists. And tellingly, in separate attacks, we blame the security forces themselves! Therefore, the level of anxiety in journalistic circles in relation to physical security is extraordinary,” – said the Chairman of NSZHU Sergey Tomilenko.

The attacks occurred in Kyiv region, the Dnipropetrovsk region, Chernihiv region, in the resort Odessa and Kherson. About beating of her husband by the security service said also the wife of a Turkish journalist Yusuf Inan, whose strength was deported from Nikolaev to Turkey.

Also recorded two cases of damage to the drafting of property – in the Dnipropetrovsk region have set fire to the newspaper the Event, and in the Sumy region burned the car of journalist-investigator.

At the same time, the expert group of the Index of physical security has decided not to include in the monitoring information about the confrontation of the leader of the C14 with the journalist of Gromadsky Igor Burdyga, which happened on 18 July under the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev. The reason was the statement of the journalist and editors that they do not associate conflict with journalistic activities.

Earlier NUJU announced that the European Commission wants to monitor the freedom of speech in Ukraine.


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