Nutritionists have called a simple way to lose weight

Диетологи назвали простой способ похудеть к лету

Chewing gum helps to lose weight

Experts advises five to six times a day to use sugar-free gum, but only after a meal.

American nutritionists gave simple advice to those who want to lose weight, according to CNN.

Nutritionist Keri Gans recommended to people who are trying to lose weight, five to six times a day, chew sugar-free gum. According to her, chewing gum can help to get rid of the desire to eat “something sweet”.

While dieticians note that to completely of snacks should not give up, but you need to choose more healthy foods.

We will remind, earlier the head of Ministry of health Olena Suprun told how safely to lose weight. But scientists from the United States called the main condition for efficient weight loss.

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