Nutritionists have called bad habits, which prevent to lose weight

Диетологи назвали вредные привычки, которые мешают похудеть

Not to gain extra pounds, watch portions, eat healthy foods and move more

To overeat and to gain weight you can, if you eat in front of the TV or computer.

American nutritionists have called unhealthy eating habits which can threaten the extra weight, says Food News.

To bad habits experts attributed eating in front of the TV or computer. In this case the person is in overeating, because of it, of transmission, can not control the amount eaten.

It is easy to gain extra pounds when you eat high-calorie or fatty foods. Experts recommend to switch to healthy foods.

Also do not approve of nutritionists snacking junk food and fast chewing. In the latter case, it is possible to overeat. Nutritionists remind us that the feeling of fullness comes at least 20 minutes. “If you chew too fast, you will have time to eat very much” – experts say.

It is also recommended to avoid different diets. Even if you soak monotonous diet, there is a risk that after starving days, you reach for food, and return all dropped kilograms.

Nutritionists recommend eating around the same time to cook at home, control the quality of food and quantity of its portions, slowly chewing it and start to play sports or just to move more.

Earlier we wrote that the nutritionist called the best Breakfast for weight loss.

It was also reported that the products should not be consumed on an empty stomach.

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