Nye is not suitable: these conditions for the head of national police

Найем не подходит: названы условия для главы Нацполиции

Nye may not be the head of national police

The head of police must have a legal education.

The appointment of people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem for the position of head of the National police is impossible. About this to Ukrainian news reported the member of the Commission Evgeny Zakharov.

He stressed that in accordance with the requirements of the contest, the selection can involve candidates with a full legal education (specialist or master’s degree, but not bachelors) experience in the field of law for at least seven years after graduation and five years of managerial experience.

Member of the Commission stressed that the requirements are quite stringent and not all candidates publicly declared their participation in the contest, in particular, the Deputy Nye, correspond to them.

“He’s a lawyer not worked, he worked as a journalist. I was surprised that he would submit the documents. It is actually asking for that its documents will not be considered. He immediately denied. Why would you even do, I don’t understand. For PR, for scandal?”, – said Zakharov.

At the same time, he predicts a large number of participants of the contest for the post of head of national police.

Zakharov also noted that the Commission has so far held one meeting and not at full strength. The next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2017.

We will remind, earlier Корреспондент.net reported that documents for participation in competition should be sent until 8 January 2017.

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