Nye: President Poroshenko better than before, but not like we wanted

Найем: Президент Порошенко лучше прежних, но не такой, как мы хотели

Mustafa Nayem. The image from the archive.

The main plus – Poroshenko is a very good Communicator. Internal. He is a good negotiator. He is a man of enormous performance, brilliant memory, and how people in our country – he is a man with great vision of the horizon.

The main disadvantage of Poroshenko, I think that it is – but it is not a human quality, something that he had not realized the role that could play. It seems to me that this would be his greatest regret to the sunset of his career. He will turn back and look he had and how he ordered.

I won’t deny, and you’ve got to be honest, that Poroshenko is obviously the best President, than what it was before. It is a fact. The question is – do we want to compare with these people.

– Better Kravchuk and Kuchma better? – journalist Dmitry Gordon.

I think, Yes. In that time, which he was, in a sense, Yes. Now the question is, again, what we compare. I would not want Poroshenko to compare with Lyashko, for example. Wouldn’t want to compare it with Yanukovych. I want to compare with the Poroshenko Poroshenko with the President that we wanted and demanded. And in these shades, of course, he loses. So, again – better than it was before, but not what we wanted. It is a fact.

Mustafa Nayem

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