Nyshchuk has apologized for the words about the “genetics” of Donbass

Нищук извинился за слова о "генетике" Донбасса

The Minister argues that he was misunderstood, and resonant statement out of context.

Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk commented on his resonant statement about “lack of genetic purity” of Donbass, apologizing and stating that these words were taken out of context.

Previously, Mr. Nyshchuk said “no genetics” in the Donbass. Therefore, in his opinion, the population of the South-East of Ukraine allegedly cannot perceive Ukrainian culture. This statement provoked a strong reaction in the network.

The Minister argues that he was misunderstood and words taken out of context.

“It’s taken out of context of the program. I talked about the need to increase cultural dialogue and exchange in the Eastern regions, as has long been the distortion of the under-funding of certain projects. In this vein, I wanted to say,” – said Nyshchuk.

He also apologized for the statement. According to him, he didn’t want to offend anyone.

“For a long time historical and cultural projects were underfunded, in this vein, I said that there is a moment of the spirit. Touched all the word “genetics”. If it were someone hurt, I sincerely apologize. In fact, I had no desire to offend. I was only talking about that we need to increase the cultural dialogue and exchange”, – said the Minister.

Previously, a number of politicians called for the resignation of Yevhen Nyshchuk for his statement.