Nyshchuk: the situation with the “genetics” and the Donbas began to spin Russian media

Нищук: Ситуацию с "генетикой" и Донбассом начали раскручивать российские СМИ

The Minister of culture Evgeny Nishchuk said that the situation with his statement about genetics and the Donbas were the first to promote the Russian media. He stated this at the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“This situation began to unwind, when all night on several Russian sites and magazines began to cling to is the particular word “genetics” and something else. Given how it is now dismantled into atoms, I want to formally apologize if that word or something else caused this or that insult,” he said.

And added that “this is a really well-researched history of certain Russian propagandists, who began to ascribe what he has in mind about genetics”.

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Recall that on the evening of 21 November, the Minister in the television broadcast, said: “the Second point, safety is the culture. Because it has the ability to care and educate society. And this situation in the East and South of the country, is the abyss of consciousness. Moreover, when we talked so much about genetics, Kiev, the Donbas, on the… the same city is delivered. No there is no genetics. It deliberately introduced. Cherkasy is famous Hetman shevchenkiv Krai, the city of Cherkasy half imported. Why? Because I was scared of the Shevchenko of the spirit. And did so, it was the technology of the Soviet Union.”

Then social networks started to criticize the Minister. Later, the Minister apologized for the word “genetics”.