Obama forbade the use of the term “Negro”

Обама запретил употреблять термин "негр"

Another reform from Obama

The American President signed a law to replace the politically incorrect definitions.

In the United States there was a law according to which in the Federal documents should disappear terms like “Negro” or “Oriental” (comes from Asia), is spoken in the message of the TV channel ABC News.

“President Obama has signed a law that should replace the Federal legislation of appeal to minorities that are considered offensive, such as “Oriental” and “Negro”, – stated in the message.

The document, authored congresswomen from the Democratic party for grace Meng, is positioned as the effort to “modernize the terminology used in relation to minorities”.

In particular, it replaces the usual terms that are spelled out in the law on the protection of health from the late 1970s and are now considered politically incorrect.

“The term “Oriental” should not have place in Federal law and finally, it’s offensive and outdated definition of irretrievably gone in the past,” said Meng in a statement on the matter.

Recall that President Barack Obama believes that part of the proposals, which sets out a contender for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump, is a betrayal of American values.

Trump, in particular, the “disparaging comments about Muslims,” said Obama.