Obama said that if he participated in the election, trump would not have won

Обама заявил, что если бы он участвовал в выборах, Трамп бы не победил

President Barack Obama expressed confidence in the correctness of his vision of the country and that if he took part in the presidential elections for the third time, I would be able to win over Donald trump.

He stated this in an interview with David Axelrod, reports “Voice of America”.

“I am confident in his vision, as if I once again took part in the presidential race and had the opportunity to prepare their campaign, I would be able to mobilize a large part of the American people for its support,” Obama said.

The US President expressed admiration for Clinton, saying she “enjoyed great success in very tough conditions.” However, he stressed that Clinton’s campaign was not assertive enough.

The US President-elect Donald trump commented on the approval of Obama on the Twitter page, expressing confidence that this would not have happened. He re-listed it for which he criticized Obama and Democrats during his campaign – reducing the number of jobs, ISIS, Obamacare program.

Recall that in the team’s trump announced plans to cancel up to 70% of Obama’s decrees.

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