Obama will become the editor of the November issue of Wired magazine

Обама станет редактором ноябрьского номера журнала Wired

President Barack Obama will be a guest editor of the November issue of the American magazine Wired, specialized in computer technology, which will be the influence of IT technologies on politics in the future, reported on the newspaper’s website.

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The journal editor-in-chief Scott Dadich explained that Obama is better than anyone can tell how modern technologies affect political leadership.

The journal notes that this is the first case, when the current President becomes the guest editor of any publication.

Earlier in this status, the magazine made by, for example, J. J. Abrams, bill gates, Christopher Nolan, Serena Williams.

In addition, it is reported that on October 13 the White house will hold a special conference on the theme of the November issue of Wired.

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