Observers from the US and Ukraine couldn’t fly over Russia

Наблюдатели из США и Украины не смогли выполнить полет над Россией

The observation aircraft OC-1356

Broke down an American plane OS-1356.

American and Ukrainian inspectors are unable to perform an observation flight over the territory of Russia from-for breakages of the plane. Reports of the defense Ministry newspaper Red star.

“An observation flight of the joint mission of the United States and Ukraine over the territory of the Russian Federation on the American aircraft observations OS-1356 repealed the United States in connection with the malfunction of the aircraft,” – said in the message.

The head of the Russian center for nuclear threat reduction Sergey Ryzhkov said earlier that the flights were carried out from 19 to 24 June in the framework of the implementation of the international Treaty on open skies.

Note that last week over the territory of Russia performed an observation flight, a joint mission of Italy and the USA. In turn the Russians carried out two observation flight over the territories of great Britain and the United States.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously the international military inspection with the participation of Ukrainian representatives detected the buildup of artillery in military units in Rostov region of the Russian Federation in the area of Novocherkassk. The defense Ministry of Ukraine does not rule out that this technique used by the terrorist groups of Donbas.

The U.S. aircraft conducted reconnaissance near the Russian bases in Syria