October 2018: what are the prices on new square meters in Chisinau

Октябрь-2018: какие сейчас цены на новые квадратные метры в Кишинёве

According to the online service on the choice of housing Flatfy in Chisinau today, there are 217 apartment complexes, which offer new apartments from developers.

What changes in prices for new real estate happen in the fall of 2018 in the capital of Moldova?

According to Flatfy average price of one square meter of new apartments in Chisinau at the end of October 2018 is 621.9 €, which is not far above the September level в620,3 €.

The average cost of housing in sectors of Chisinau were distributed as follows:

Botanica:- 689,1€/ m2;

(in September, it was 665,5 Euro/m2 )

Center:- 709,4€/ m2;

(in September, it was 646,3€/m2 )

Buiucani: – 610,6 €/ m2;

(in September, it was 610,1 €/m2 )

Botany:- 570,6 €/ m2;

(in September, it was 563,7 €/m2 )

Stonechats:- 559,9 €/ m2;

(in September, it was 558,2 €/m2 )

Telecenter:- 573,3 €/ m2.

(in September there were 532 €/m2 )



The highest average price of apartments relative to the location in October appeared in the Center, and the lowest – in Ciocana district.


Compare prices in under construction and already completed homes:

Delivered – 625,7 €/ m2;

Delivery by the end of 2018 606,1 €/ m2;

Delivery in 2019 – to 579.6 €/ m2;

Commissioning in 2020 – 566,8 €/ m2.



As always, a finished property to buy is much more expensive than to invest in the construction of the house and wait for the successful completion of construction and commissioning of the house. Because of that, and it is cheaper to invest in the future.


Where the most expensive/cheapest square meter?

The “cheapest” square meter of new housing you can buy in a house in Colonita, built by the company Constral-Prim. Here, each square will cost 320-320 €/m2, depending on the apartment selected and the selected floor.

The most expensive “square” of housing in Chisinau is still in a residential complex Crown Plaza Park, at a price of 1 420 €, commissioned in 2013, the construction of which has been the company Summa.

When compared with the price of Kiev, where the most expensive square will cost 3 960 $ (3 465 €), and the cheapest – 410 $ (350 €), we can see a considerable gap, in which housing in Moldova may not seem so expensive.

Since September began a seasonal increase in almost all areas, given that over the summer, when prices went downward. In October, though small, but the growth still continued. At the end of autumn so you can expect small changes in prices upward, but before Christmas and new year holidays you can wait for seasonal promotions and discounts from developers and buy the home of your dreams most beneficial.

Recall Flatfy online service for selection of apartments in new buildings and in the secondary market abroad by Ukrainian creators of the MOONS. Flatfy collects all advertisements for the sale and rental housing and allows a comfortable site to choose the accommodation among all the offers on the market. Flatfy operates in 37 countries, in 2016, the project was launched in Moldova in October 2017 was launched a catalogue of new buildings.