Of Moscow police explained the detention of the Ukrainian journalist

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has informed that the Moscow militiamen wanted to see the person detained.

The head of the consular Directorate of the Department of consular service Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich has informed that the Moscow police explained the detention of the correspondent of the UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk and operator of TV channel 1+1 Nikita Borodin, reports UNIAN.

“The police explained that arrested Roman Tsimbalyuk and its operator because of the need to clarify the circumstances and personalities of those it detained. Claims to the Roman Tsimbalyuk operator and the police said,” said Kirilich.

He also said that the police Department Tsimbalyuk and Borodin visited the Ukrainian Consul Gennady brasileno.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow detained a Ukrainian journalist Tsimbalyuk after he interviewed the MSU graduate student Zachary sarapulova who brandished the flag of Ukraine during the festival to the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea.

Later Tsimbalyuk, the operator 1+1 Borodin and graduate students sarapulova was released after three hours in the police.

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