Off the coast of Australia lost Ukrainian sailor

У берегов Австралии пропал украинский моряк

Andrey Noskov

A rescue operation organized by the crew, gave no results.

During the transition from Australia to Singapore on Board the container ship LIMASSOL ВSL missing sailor from Odessa Andrey Noskov, according to the charity Fund of the seamen’s Assol.

About the disappearance of Ukrainian became known on the morning of 30 September, when he came to Breakfast. He was last seen the night before on the deck.

“According to crew members, the mood Noskova was good, this was not the first flight, conflicts with anyone during the flight. To the performance of official duties, the sailor has always been treated in good faith, safety has always been in the first place”, – stated in the message.

Relatives of the missing sailor reported that a rescue operation organized by the crew, gave no results. The investigation will continue upon arrival of the container ship in Singapore.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in Ukraine returned 14 members of the crew of the vessel Pan Prosperity, abandoned by the shipowner in Venezuela without a livelihood.

Saved by a Ukrainian from a sunken ship refused to be treated in Russia