Off the coast of Libya sank at least 20 migrants who tried to reach Europe

У берегов Ливии затонули по крайней мере 20 мигрантов, которые пытались попасть в Европу

Migrants in the Mediterranean sea

At least 20 migrants who went to Europe, sank off the coast of Libya. This was reported by the Reuters photographer who saw the bodies.

Photographer publications were on Board the rescue ship Phoenix. He said about 20 bodies in the waters of the Mediterranean sea. A rescue vessel owned by the Malta and patrolling off the coast of Libya.

Note, Libya is a key transit point for illegal migrants trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. According to the International organization for migration, this year alone, at least 590 refugees were killed or went missing from the Libyan coast.

Related news: In Libya in the fighting between the smugglers were killed 22 migrants from Africa

We will remind, recently off the coast of Libya, sinking with migrants from Africa, 97 people missing. This was reported to service BBC, with reference to the representative of the Libyan coast guard.

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