Office New mail in Mukachevo was burned completely

Отделение Новой почты в Мукачево сгорело полностью

New mail promises to compensate the losses to the owners of parcels

The fire burned the warehouse on 2,400 square meters. The adjacent building was saved.

The “Nova poshta” branch No. 1, Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region still smokes. On Saturday, August 25, reports

As the newspaper notes, the firemen saved half of the building, but the other half does not belong to New mail, it leases another entrepreneur. The part that belongs to the New mail is completely burnt out.

Firefighters are still working in the warehouse, telling them what fire to put out was very difficult due to the fact that collapsed the entire roof.


Now the fire is liquidated, but the wreckage still Smoking.

An entrepreneur who rents a nearby warehouse said that the roof is too damaged, and it will need to change.

We will remind, in the evening of 24 August in the warehouse for New mail in Mukachevo began a large-scale fire. Fire on the area of 2400 square meters was extinguished by ten units of basic fire fighting equipment and more than 50 rescuers. The company promised to indemnify the owners of the parcels.

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