Officials of the city Council of Chernihiv tried to plunder nearly 2 million UAH for the construction of a kindergarten

Чиновники горсовета Чернигова пытались расхитить почти 2 млн грн на строительство детсада


In Chernihiv the staff of the office of protection of economy of the regional Department of the National police caught the officials of the city Council and heads of assignment of budgetary funds at carrying out of state purchases. This was announced by the speaker of the Department of protection of the economy NPU Natalia Kalinovskaya, passes

“Under the terms of the contract, on account of the company received more than 1.8 million UAH for work performed in accordance with the submitted acts, although the actual work was not implemented. Therefore, the officials of the city Council and officers of the company made false information in acts of the performed works” – said Kalinowski.

She also noted that the city Council and the places of residence of the defendants in the investigation were a number of searches. At present investigation of criminal proceedings continues.

During the investigation of criminal proceedings opened under part 3 of article 191 (assignment, waste of property or mastering by it by abuse of official position) the criminal code, it was established that by results of carrying out of tenders between one of the offices of the city Council in the person of its head with the head of the company was awarded the contract for the construction of kindergarten-nursery for a total amount of UAH 31 million.

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