Officials stole 15 million on the disposal of hazardous waste – GBR

Чиновники украли 15 млн на утилизации опасных отходов - ГБР

Officials assigned 15 million on waste disposal

Officials assigned 15 million on the disposal of hazardous waste. Moreover, their actions have led to contamination of land and struck a blow for the environment, said in the RRG.

Representatives of state-owned enterprises and officials of bodies of the state ecological Inspectorate is suspected of embezzlement of 15 million on schemes disposal of hazardous drilling waste. It is reported by Telegram-channel head of the State Bureau of investigation of the Novel Tube.

It is reported that the money for the disposal of the state allocated, but the actual disposal of drilling waste was carried out.

“State money was allocated, and actual disposal of waste drilling was carried out. They were buried on ordinary solid waste landfill. Such storage is improper and violates the norms of environmental legislation. Moreover, it directly led to the pollution of the land, and therefore struck a blow for the environment”, – stated in the message.

The novel Pipe reported that the scheme involved representatives of state-owned enterprises, officials of bodies of the state ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine and businessmen.

“By the way, it is representative of the commercial structure was the organizer of the scheme. He’s already had his suspicions. Such schemes may be still a lot of work in Ukraine. This case is a good signal them to stop. We will reach all very soon. Because when you do, endangering human health, we must not tarry,” – said the head of the RRG.

In the SBU said that the appropriated funds which were allocated for the disposal of drilling waste in the Poltava region, officials of the subsidiary. According to the SBU, representatives of commercial structures in coordination with the management of the subsidiary and inaction of officials of bodies of state ecological inspection of appropriated funds allocated for waste management. Their actions caused damage to the ecology of the region.

“The actual disposal of drilling waste was carried out. During their temporary storage was not met necessary environmental requirements that have led to environmental pollution. When the removal of drill cuttings was the substitution of accompanying documents, so the landfill he was kept as safe substance”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that laboratory studies showed that the drilling waste are particularly hazardous and require special disposal procedures and disposal.

“In the office premises and residence of the defendants in Kiev, Poltava, Dnieper river, Kremenchug police seized documents and electronic media confirming the illegal transaction”, – reported in SBU.

Earlier it was reported that in the Nikolaev area detained on a bribe of the Deputy of the city Council.

It also became known that the head of the Poltava customs detained at receiving a bribe of four thousand dollars. The official demanded money for customs clearance of vehicles with cargo.

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