Officials stole the money allocated for rehabilitation of ATO fighters

Чиновники похищали деньги, выделенные на реабилитацию бойцов АТО

Through a corrupt scheme with false information about provided services of rehabilitation, were abducted 22,5 million hryvnias.

In the SBU said about the detention of officials for the theft of 22.5 million allocated for the rehabilitation of veterans and members of ATU. This is stated on page offices in Facebook.

It is reported that heads of a number of rehabilitation institutions, in collusion with the officials, provided acts of the performed works with false information about his services, psychological rehabilitation of ATO participants.

“According to experts, through a corrupt deal malefactors appropriated 22.5 million state hryvnias”, – is spoken in the message.

In the SBU said that the detained nine heads of rehabilitation institutions. It is already declared suspicion, and the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.

Note that in the last year for rehabilitation of ATO fighters overpaid 20 million. 11 rehabilitation institutions then fallen for a similar scheme, providing fewer services than specified in the contract.

At the same time in Kiev on a bribe caught the official service of the ATO. Over 230 thousand hryvnia, he promised a commercial entity bidding for the rehabilitation of ATO participants.