Old New Year 2019: holiday features

Старый Новый Год 2019: особенности праздника

In Ukraine celebrate Old New year 2019

The new year traditionally is a holiday for some of the Slavic peoples. The holiday has its history, superstitions and customs.

In Ukraine it is accepted to celebrate Old New year. Although to explain the meaning of this holiday to a foreigner may be difficult, each of us knows about it since childhood.
Where did the Old New year, why it is celebrated in Ukraine takie old customs are still retained in the material Корреспондент.net.

The story of the Old New year

The holiday is traditionally celebrated in countries where Christmas is celebrated on January 7. In the list of such countries is Ukraine.

Confusion with the holidays there in 1918. Before that, the tsarist Russia was conducting a chronology of the Julian calendar. But in Europe, this time was adopted the Gregorian calendar. It all dates were shifted by 13 days.

So, according to the Julian calendar New year was January 14, and, when in 1918 on the territory of the contemporaries of Ukraine adopted the Gregorian calendar, New year moved to January 1.

Старый Новый Год 2019: особенности праздника

Photo: EPA

Old New year is also celebrated in the territory of Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland and even Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Japan.

The tradition of the Old New year

Before the transition to the Gregorian calendar on the day of the Old New year celebrated Vasiliev day. He was considered a celebration of agriculture and “generous evening”.

On this day it was customary to lay the lush tables and sharing food.

It is believed that the more lush table cover Vasiliev day, the better the harvest and the year will be lucky. Basil also considered the patron Saint of pigs, so it was mandatory to have pork.

With the advent of the Old New year came a new tradition to sculpt dumplings with a “surprise”. In the filling put a small object, which would symbolize good luck in a certain area. So, pepper symbolized the thrills throughout the year, coin – wealth.

Старый Новый Год 2019: особенности праздника

Photo: EPA

Hence, there is a saying how to celebrate New year so spend it. Therefore, so far Ukrainians continue to celebrate Old New year with the same splendor as a new holiday.

Signs of the holiday

In Old new year it was believed that if the first house a man from a large family, this house will have satiety and prosperity.

It is not accepted to borrow money on the day of the holiday. It promised a lack of money throughout the year. A bad omen was considered an exclusively female company Vasiliev day. A feast was promised solitude in the coming year.

Traditionally, the veto was imposed and the housework. It was believed that with the trash can be swept away from the house and good luck.

There were also signs of people in the Old New year. If this day the South wind blows, it will bring the heat and good, if the West will be a lot of milk and fish. Clear starry sky on the Old New year predicted a good crop of berries.

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