Oleg Blokhin observed health problems

У Олега Блохина наблюдаются проблемы со здоровьем

Oleg Blokhin

Football agent Shandor Varga told why Oleg Blokhin does not resume his coaching career.

“Oleg’s health is bad. In Dynamo Kiev he stayed in the hospital with a minor stroke. The last six months in serious condition, led the team. This work for one hundred percent healthy person severe and for such a emotional as Blokhin,.

After the resignation of Oleg I reminded the President of Dynamo, he also had the attitude to win the Cup. Ihor Surkis agreed and gave him his medal.

Maybe it’s good that it happened. To die like Lobanovsky on the bench, probably more beautiful than in bed, but who cares? Especially when you have a new family with small children. I don’t think Oleg will ever return to the bench. Health is more expensive”, quoted by Varg championship.

Earlier it was reported that Rebrov will leave Dinamo at the end of the season.

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