Oleh Skrypka explained his words about “ghetto”

Олег Скрипка объяснил свои слова про "гетто"

The singer said that it was ironic.

Ukrainian musician Oleg Violin on his page in Facebook made a new statement about his words about creating a ghetto for those who can not learn the Ukrainian language.

We will remind, the leader of the band Vopli Vidopliassova addressed the students of the School of journalism, where he made a statement that shocked not only the Russian foreign Ministry, but even Avakov.

Violin considers that in Ukraine the population actually do not have access to Ukrainian-language books, and there are problems with movie and Internet content.

“We have an incredible number of wonderful songs and artists. And very strange looks bloody massacre for the paltry 25% of Ukrainian songs on the radio and none on television new year’s eve,” writes the Violin.

“I really believe that the citizens of Ukraine (or any country) needs to know the language of the native state. Support an increase of the content of Ukrainian in all spheres of public life. This is a European practice”, – explained the Violin.

Also artist outraged that Ukraine is forced to love the “Russian world” more than the Ukrainian.

“In fact, the Russians have created privileged conditions for the development of their language. After all, the legislation of the Russian Federation requires all who claim to live, work or study in the country to provide a certificate of knowledge of Russian, knowledge of Russian history and fundamentals of legislation”, – wrote the Violin.

Violin has offered to help the Russian-speaking Ukrainians, providing them with educational support.

His words about “ghetto” Violin finds conspiracy.

“My somewhat ironic proposal, expressed in arbitrary communication with students and formulated a conspiracy-technologists as “the ghetto” is much more humane than the Russian reality,” concluded Violin.

We will remind, earlier there was a scandal because of an interview with Ivan Dorn, who called Russia a “big brother”, and relations between the countries – fight.

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