Oleinik: the Loss from the blockade is not the Donbass and the whole Ukraine

Олейник: Потери от блокады несет не Донбасс, а вся Украина

The blockade of Donbass will win a fixed time, said the former MP.

Almost two months trading closure LDNR, the loss is not the Donbass, and the whole country. This opinion was expressed by former MP Vladimir Oleinik.

“Already disabled the second largest unit of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, there was an explosion of methane on mine “Steppe”, the state monthly loses at least 2 billion hryvnia, and as a result of the nationalization of the enterprises of the republics, Kiev will lose up to 5% of the GDP,” stated Alexandru Oleinic.

He recalled that the Stakhanov movement arose in the Donbass, and was named for the miner mine “Central-Irmino”. Therefore, only in the Donetsk and Lugansk earn company – people going back and banish the veterans of the ATO, said the politician.

“When you leave someone without means of subsistence, he is forced to take up arms. The team will throw the hammer and will protect their family. In the confrontation between the Donbass and the gang Semenchenko win Stakhanovite” – says Oleynik.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that Ukraine’s losses due to the energy blockade in the Donbass be two to four billion hryvnia per month.