Olena Lukash: NABU miserably lost the process at Stations and the “barn book” Party of regions

NABOO lost to the trials in “the Ledger” of the Party of regions and the involvement of the Chairman of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky. This was written by a former Deputy head of the AP, the lawyer Elena Lukash on the page in Facebook. In her opinion, the case of the “black hand” PR was created with the goal of discrediting Paul Manafort political consultant, a new President of the United States, and is now falling apart due to lack of evidence. 700 people in the state agencies and detectives earn 35-40 thousand is an expensive toy, and should be closed, says Lucas.

“December 21, 2016. National anti-corruption Bureau miserably lost judicial processes in the case of “the barn book” the Party of regions. Even in the “otremontirovanny” court protection stations were able to gracefully transform into… nothing dull all petitions NABOO. Fig leaves Fig detectives watched the whole country. Three days were spent at NABOO, to realize the depth of public failure.

And just today, the NAB has produced a statement on “manipulation of the REPROACHES addressed to the NEB of the groundlessness of CHARGES in the case of “black accounting”. Rod, detectives. No “allegations” in the case of “black accounting” no, there is a “doubt” is absurd and not accepted by the court,” wrote the former Deputy head of the AP.

According to her, that though as-that to wash, NABOO even went to the disclosure of the investigation: “There are, like, in one examination made by an expert of the Ministry of interior, and there established the originality of the signature stations. That there is another/s examination/s directly saying that the handwriting does not belong to Okhendovsky, NABOO somehow silent. Which is a pity. What a wasted selectivity of NABOO, because soon we will see featuresultra different expertise, and what’s coming up next? We “fight” against corruption… all available words?”.

Lucas believes that the “black cash” is a wild and foolish attempt to interfere in the elections in the United States by falsifying information on Manforce, one of the leaders of the headquarters of the trump.

“That’s what has been invented “slate” of Party of regions for 2007-2012, which “patriots” are allegedly kept since the dawn of time until 2016.

But as soon as the United States intensified the election campaign of trump, “Trapani” to be silent could not and revealed to the world pisuli… an Attempt to interfere in the elections failed, but not forgotten. What is happening now is exculpatory convulsive seizures NABOO: “Oh, Well, I lied, Manafort nothing to do with it, but the rest were? We do not blame Lord Americans! We will prove that the others were. It’s you we got excited, but believe me…”. The chickens on the laughter,” she wrote.

According to Lucas, NABOO, useless, ineffective and expensive organ. “It is not only I think so, as evidenced by the results of research of Transparency International on corruption levels in Ukraine. According to a recent poll by the Razumkov Center, less than 1% percent of Ukrainians believe a successful anti-corruption reform, and almost 55% of respondents believe that reform has failed,” she explained.

“One year of NABOO: more than 700 people in the state agencies, the average salary of detectives 35-40 thousand UAH spent for the year half a billion hryvnia from the state budget and massive amounts of Western aid; for 2016 the income of the Ukrainian budget confiscated property and funds in the amount of 163 !!! thousand hryvnia for corruption (the official data of the State Treasury)”, – told ex-the Deputy head of AP.

“Compare the numbers of the cost and effect: 9 sentences to small-time 44 sent to court a criminal case or one convicted of a major corrupt, a full-scale competition with colleagues, the General Prosecutor’s office, SAP and NACP, geopolitical Scam attempt to interfere in the US presidential election through the fabrication of false information about P. Monforte, no results of the investigation of offshore scandals and e-returns, loss of referee-j-man Chaus, smiling and giving an interview nsysmaster year A. Onishchenko, who so actively and unsuccessfully took NABOO, completely idiotic, opaque and unjustified purchase of winter socks for special forces to NAB for 373 UAH from a single supplier. And that’s it. So there is no success in the anti-corruption Bureau and the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. Extremely low and unprofessional, and in some places and negative result. Detectives hallucinogenic barns… All the activity and rhetoric – an attempt to justify worthless, but expensive existence of a “trough.” It’s time to close the greenhouse,” she said.

We will remind, on December 21, the Solomensky district court of Kiev refused to remove from his post as head of the Central electoral Committee of Ukraine Michael ohendovsky, who is suspected of receiving payments from the “black funds” of the Party of regions. The court also rejected the NAB of its request to assign Stations bail is 1.2 million.

24 December, the NEB stated that he has evidence that “Ledger” PR is genuine and also that one of the two examinations confirmed the authenticity of the signatures in it Michael ohendovsky.