Olga Kharlan: Support mothers always important to me

Ольга Харлан: Поддержка мамы всегда для меня важна

Olga and Irina Harlan

Famous Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan became the Ambassador of Ukraine in the program “Thank you, mom”

One of the most titled Ukrainian athletes, the leader of the national team of Ukraine on fencing in sabre fencing Olga Harlan became the international Ambassador program “Thank you, mother.“

In this program the mother of the Olympic champion Irina Harlan will be able to support my daughter in Rio de Janeiro, in August, during the Olympic competitions. As admitted herself Olga, for her personal support of mothers is very important.

“Of course, mother for us, the athletes, the most expensive and close person on light. If a person is strong, then it was brought up. For me mom is really a role model. She is a very strong person, maybe, as they say, a galloping horse to stop. We very often apart, and I’m glad that one of the main starts of my career mom will be there. Her support for me is always important.

I know that mom is always with me mentally, and when she may be around, I try to do everything, so she was worried,“ said Olga.

Irina Harlan was already a part of the program “Thank you, mom“ at the 2012 Olympics in London, where she, along with moms Ilya Kvasha, Natalia Dobrynska and Olena kostevych supported their children. Then thanks to the support of her mother Olga Kharlan won bronze in the individual competition. In Rio Irina Harlan will be the only Ukrainian mother athletes.

“In London on race day we saw each other. I knew she was somewhere nearby, but I didn’t know where she sits, but it would have to draw there attention. I felt that she is going through and after winning the bronze I went to the podium and saw my mother, and we embraced, kissed, cried. I’m glad at this moment she was with me.

From Rio I expect the best results for the team. I want to show good fencing and know that if it can be done, there will be a medal. Want to win a medal in the individual competition, and with the team. It will be hard, but it’s what we train to overcome difficulties,“ – said the athlete.

Irina Harlan in communication with reporters, revealed the secret of education Olympic champion, and also told that the nature of the athlete champion was in childhood.

“At our first practice Oli, after they ran and jumped, they were told to hang on his outstretched hands. The winner promised to give the sword, and it cost dearly. Olga was hanging with the boy more than half an hour, she bit her lip, changed hands, but hung. Then I realized that this kid can achieve,“ shared memories of Irina.

Also, Olya’s mother said that for her, every start daughter is a real torture:

“It’s hard to say that it is easier to watch the games on TV or watch them live. Both painful. The worst thing is to be unaware of what is going on there. And when you’re near, you always need to swallow a sedative pill before the fight Oli. In London it looked like this: already at 5 am drank the pills, she won the duel, I started to fall asleep, drank coffee, then a new match, again sedated, and so on until the end…“ – said Irina Harlan.

See also the video of the program “Thank you, mom“ with the participation of Olga and Irene Harlan.

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