OLYMPIC PARK is a contemporary residential complex on the map of Kiev

OLYMPIC PARK - ультрасовременный жилой комплекс на карте Киева

The attractiveness LCD OLYMPIC PARK is not only a great mestoraspolozhenie and an excellent transport infrastructure, it is different from the surrounding development for its versatility on the concept of “city within a city”.

In addition, it is one of the most affordable LCD with the point of view of prices.

OLYMPIC PARK - ультрасовременный жилой комплекс на карте Киева



Buying an apartment in the residential complex “Olympic Park”, you get walking distance to shops, banks, cafes, and younger residents provided kindergarten and school, for sports fans in a stadium of a residential complex and a fitness center. For car owners provides a two-level underground Parking.

And now, in order!

In a big city is always a great opportunity for business and for life. In mnogomillionnoi Kiev distance from home to work, sometimes costs us a couple of hours time, and if you still need to run over a child in the garden or school, shop and exercise equipment in the fitness center, the whole day is not enough! Modern people value their time, they are attracted by the option “everything at hand”.

The opportunity to save time performing routine tasks, provide multi-residential complexes. The capital presents this type of real estate recently, but every year it is gaining more popularity and demand. Taking into account all the wishes of modern business people, known in the real estate market for their quality and gained the trust of customers, the development company “Status Group”, introduces you to one of the ultra-modern residential complex “OLYMPIC PARK” on Kharkiv highway, 210.

OLYMPIC PARK - ультрасовременный жилой комплекс на карте Киева



The project has no analogues in Kiev on originality

This residential complex on the concept of “city within a city” includes residential and commercial property, as well as public, administrative and educational group of buildings that are United by a common planning vision. Independent of each other residential and commercial sector in the residential complex will allow residents to have something so long awaited, from modern buildings.

In the residential complex “OLYMPIC PARK” has 3 houses in 25 floors; shopping and office center; pharmacy; schools; preschool; a sports center; the highlight of the complex will be a private stadium.

In addition to all the advantages of the complex, has another important advantage – underground Parking. It will be located under the territory of the complex, walking areas will be exempted from cars. Also has been meticulously designed night lighting of the facades of residential buildings of the complex, it will not prevent residents and will give the “OLYMPIC PARK” incredible beauty. LCD “OLYMPIC PARK” is a favorite among competitors, this is the place where you actually want to live!

OLYMPIC PARK - ультрасовременный жилой комплекс на карте Киева



Based on the successful construction of the residential complex “OLYMPIC PARK” is high professionalism of the developer. The company “GROUP STATUS” – true professionals of the real estate market in Kiev – many years of experience and fundamental knowledge applicable to the successful design of such residential complexes as: “Golden lion”, “Status grad”, “Riviera”, “Riviera 2”, “PODIL PLAZA hotel & RESIDANCE” etc.

OLYMPIC PARK - ультрасовременный жилой комплекс на карте Киева



Finally, quality housing is a very good asset, almost a win-win and is understandable to those who are not familiar in complex financial transactions and games in the stock markets. People who invest in capital property, will finally be in the black because in the long run it increases in value, despite the fluctuations of currencies.

So that buying residential or commercial property in the residential complex “Olympic Park”, on the one hand, ensures future residents a comfortable life at a decent level, and with another – is a profitable investment, which in our time is increasingly urgent.

To learn more and to get acquainted with the residential complex on the site or in the sales Department at the following address: harkovskoe shosse, 210 (metro station Borispolskaya).