Omeljan said that the military uniform is worn three years

Омелян заявил, что военную форму носит три года

Vladimir Omelian defends the right to a military uniform

The military form, which was seen by the Minister of infrastructure, belongs to Haspackage transport, which was previously subordinate to the Ministry Omelyana.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, said that wearing the uniform of the railway troops, which had 2015. About it on Monday, 3 December, said in comments to the Country.

“I’m the captain of the reserve, I train troops that I wear in 2015, it has traveled the entire front line,” said he.

Omeljan also noted that Haspackage transport until mid-2018 subordinate to the Ministry of Infrastructure, and now transferred to the defense Ministry, while continuing to perform tasks on protection of strategic infrastructure.

“Honestly, no sensations,” summed up Omeljan.

Recall that after the imposition of martial law Vladimir Omelian held a meeting, which appeared in military uniform.

Later in the Ministry of defence said that the Omelyan has no right to wear a military uniform even during martial law.


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