Omeljan: Ukrzaliznytsia has overstated the profit for wages

Омелян: Укрзализныця завышала прибыль ради зарплат

The Minister accused the company’s management in manipulation.

The statements of the railroad about making a profit in 2016 are manipulation was done to increase the salaries of executives of the company, said infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan the TV channel NewsOne.

“This is pure manipulation. In fact, no income was not so-called phony income was generated through depreciation deductions, with the sole purpose to get the KPI and bonuses to wages. This simple children’s way to cover up the truth brand visible to the people who understand the situation. Actually have a significant loss,” he said.

The question of who supports the head of the Ukrzaliznytsia [Balchune, Omeljan noted that after checking the law enforcement activities of Ukrzaliznytsia no one will support.

“I think in our country there are no suicides that would like to put his political career and professional future, supporting people who are professionally unfit,” stated the Minister.

He added that offences in Ukrzaliznytsya obvious, and if questions from law enforcement will to Balcony – he will have to answer before the Ukrainian court.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the office of Ukrzaliznytsia are searched.

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