Omeljan: uz hinders the development of Ukraine

Омелян: Укрзализныця тормозит развитие Украины

According to the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the company needs to appear competitors in the private sector.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said on air Еспресо.TV that the Railways and the transport industry as a whole will not be able to successfully develop without the emergence of private passenger and cargo carriers.

“Instead to be the largest transportation carrier in the country, the Railways are increasingly hinders the development of Ukraine”, − said the Minister.

He explained that companies are willing to give more product for export, and therefore, increase revenues, increase the number of jobs. But because of the inability to transport their products to Ukrzaliznytsia, they actually artificially limit the production.

According to the Omelyan, this situation “leads to a dead end”.

“And this despite the fact that fixed capital (Railways − ed.) are worn out. And we will have problems in the coming months, and 2-3 years exactly. Unless there is a radical reform measures of the company”, − said the Minister and noted that the state Railways should be competition.

“There must be private operators of locomotives, passenger trains. And then, in competition with all will receive the best product, including uz − said Omeljan.

At the same time, now we are not talking about selling the company, and its reform.

Earlier Omeljan said that Ukrzaliznytsia was “virtually unmanageable” and called on the leadership of the company to stay in the legal field.