On August 2, mankind will destroy the Earth – scientists

Со 2 августа человечество начнет разрушать Землю - ученые

Ecologists have calculated the annual limit of permissible use of the resources of our planet.

Scientists from the Global Footprint Network, measuring the renewable resources of the planet, calculated day of the year in which the Land is not able to recover the consumed human resources – and when people start destroying their habitat, writes DW.

In 2017, this “point of no return” falls on August 2. Thus, this year people will consume all the renewable resources of the Earth for 6 days earlier than in 2016. more clearly negative trend is visible in comparison with 80-mi years of the twentieth century. If in 1987, “the border renewability” fell on 19 December, then later it consistently and eerily moved from the end of the year to the middle. So, in 2011, humanity has consumed all the renewable resources to 27 September. Well, now we got to the beginning of August.

So just the 2 of August a number of environmental organizations in Germany intends to hold a joint rally in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. The aim of the campaign is to remind you that humanity is consuming more wood, plants, food, fish, and other than ponds, forests and fields in the state to create and restore yourself.

“The planet is not an online store with an endless inventory. A supermarket called Earth empty, warns Christophe Rittgers (Christoph Röttgers) of the youth Association of ecologists. All that we will require this year after August 2, stolen from future generations. The task of politicians is to prevent this.”

And with the growth of the world population and the growing consumption of hydrocarbons, food, water. As mathematically calculated by scientists, to meet the demands of today’s world requires a 1.7 Earth. “If we keep this up, by 2030 they will need two planets by 2050 – three” – sounds alarm-jürgen Kirsch (Jürgen Kirsch) from the German branch of Greenpeace.

According to scientists, more than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries with poor ecological environment.

We will remind, in the Crimea, the area of vineyards has decreased by almost three times – to 30 thousand hectares.