On belposto in the area of environmental protection arrested five separatists

На блопостах в зоне ООС задержаны пять сепаратистов

Security forces over the days recorded 26 administrative violations on posts

During the day, the security forces refused to pass through the line of demarcation for various reasons, to 29 persons.

Law enforcement officers from the combined forces for the last days detained at checkpoints to check five people who were involved in illegal armed groups.

This was during the briefing said the representative of the press center of the operation joint forces Alex Gaganov Wednesday, November 14.

“In the past days law enforcement officers of the United forces, which are deployed on fixed and mobile checkpoints, to check arrested five persons involved in illegal armed groups, identified eight cases of illegal circulation of narcotic drugs and two illegal handling of weapons and ammunition. Also recorded 26 administrative offences”, – said Zuganov.

He added that over the past day on the territory controlled by Ukraine proceeded almost 18 thousand persons and about two thousand vehicles. It was permitted to pass through the line of demarcation for various reasons, to 29 persons.

In addition, the identified items with signs of contraband for the sum over 31 thousand, two facts of using forged documents, a fact the use of documents issued by the separatists.

Informed the police of the Donetsk region surrendered to a resident of Kramatorsk, who “served” in the ranks of the separatists. In 2014, the man was the eldest of checkpoint separatists, organized duty at the facility, conducting an illegal inspection of citizens and their vehicles.

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