On Board the ISS failed

На борту МКС произошел сбой

In Roscosmos told about crashing the ISS

On the Russian computer crash. A computer restart is scheduled for Thursday.

On one of the computers of the Russian segment of the ISS has failed. On Tuesday, November 6, reported the press service of Roscosmos.

Earlier this is with reference to unofficial sources written media.

“Missing so-called software readiness one of three computers on the ISS, in other words there is a failure of the program. The recovery computer must be restarted”, – stated in the message of Roscosmos.

The Corporation say that the work of the ISS this failure will have no effect.

“A regular sequence diagram allows an infinitely long time to fly with only two working computers”, – noted there.

Roskosmos also announced that it will hold a reset on 8 November.

Earlier, Roscosmos released a video of the crash of the rocket Soyuz-FG, which occurred October 11.

Recall, in the hull of the Russian Union found new traces of the drill.


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