On Crete opened the double tomb

На Крите вскрыли двойную гробницу

Double tomb in Greece

Ancient age more than 3 thousand years was accidentally discovered by a local farmer, a failed wheel into the pit.

In Greece on the island of Crete, archaeologists have uncovered a double tomb, which was 3400 years. It is reported Cretapost.gr.

The find was discovered by accident under an olive tree in the South-East of the island. Auto local farmer pushed through a hole the size of feet where the man and found the sarcophagus.

Archaeologists examined the find and pulled out two coffins and tens of artifacts. The tomb attributed to the late Minoan period. The remains in the graves belong to men of high status.

The burial remained intact because its entrance sealed stone walls.

Previously, chemists have studied the world’s oldest cheese of the Egyptian tomb. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Egypt found the tomb of an age of 4.4 thousand years

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