On Earth annually cut down forest area with Britain

На Земле ежегодно вырубают леса площадью с Британию

Deforestation of forest cover over the last five years increased by 43% and reached 26 million hectares per year.

Every year on the planet cut down the amount of forest cover, comparable to the territory of great Britain. About it reports The Guardian.

The analytical center for Climate Force conducted a study which showed that the level of deforestation has reached 26 million hectares per year.

Despite the signing of the UN Declaration on woods in 2014, which aims to reduce deforestation, in these five years, the loss of forests has increased by 43%.

According to the Declaration felling was necessary to halve by 2020, and by 2030, stop deforestation.

Instead, in the main regions of the most valuable tropical forests: Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa, deforestation has increased markedly. So in Africa, the loss of forest cover has doubled from less than 2 million hectares per year to more than 4 million hectares.

Earlier it was reported that DiCaprio will give five million dollars to rescue the Amazon forests from fires. The Reporter also wrote about the fact that Ukraine is in first place for the illegal supply of timber to the EU.

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