On Earth found the new deep point

The depression of Denman highlighted in dark blue

The size of the basin under the Denman glacier is 20 miles wide and 100 miles long.

American scientists have discovered the deepest trench on Earth. It is located in East Antarctica, under the Denman glacier, the BBC reports.

The depth of the depression is 3.5 kilometers below sea level. Its dimensions are 20 kilometers wide and 100 kilometers long. It is filled with ice. Deeper from this point is the only ocean basin.

Before this discovery the lowest point on Earth was considered to be the Dead sea, the depth of which is 430 meters below sea level.

As noted, this discovery is important to explore how change in the future South pole. Scientists plan to study the highland rocks and previously unexplored mountain ranges under a glacier, which can influence the movement and melting of glaciers.

Earlier it was reported that Antarctica broke away the largest for 50 years, the iceberg. It has a weight of about 315 billion tons and an area of 1636 square kilometers.

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