On KPVV in the area of ATO formed a queue of 720 cars – SBS

На КПВВ в зоне АТО образовались очереди из 720 автомобилей, - ГПСУ

KPVV “Marinka”, photo from archive

On the morning of 18 December in the checkpoints of entry and exit on the demarcation line in the ATO area at the entrance and exit were 720 cars. This was reported in the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.

“Entry and exit was such a number of vehicles: Mayorskiy – 70/130; “Marinka” – 200/120; “Novotroitsk” – 0/90; “Hnutove” – 80/30″, – stated in the message.

It is noted that for the past day KPVV in General crossed 19.3 thousand people and 3.4 million vehicles. Using PPC Mayorskiy proceeded 4980 people and 690 vehicles; KPVV “Marinka” – 4969 1147 people and vehicles; KPVV “Novotroitsk” – 4287 people and 970 vehicles; PPC “Gnutova” – 2485 680 people and vehicles; KPVV “Stanitsa Lugansk” – 2655.