On “law Savchenko” mass release of murderers – the media

По "закону Савченко" массово выпускают убийц - СМИ

The initiator of the law were made by the Hope Savchenko

On freedom now roam hardened criminals.

Only in Vinnytsia region on the basis of the so-called “law Savchenko” released more than 260 prisoners, including 48 people sat behind the murder, write the Details.

One of the released felons sentenced to ten years, served eight years, then was released early on “law Savchenko,” said the detective Ladyzhensky police Department Paul Sabluk. The offender was particularly cruel: he beat the woman with an iron bar, then raped and killed. The second victim, the offender caught up when she returned from work, and also killed her.

The murderer was arrested near the railway. He was covered in blood, and screamed at the security forces that there will be nothing to explain and tell, and has that right. While not denying that he committed murder.

As reported Корреспондент.net, 23 December 2015, President Petro Poroshenko has signed the so-called “law Savchenko”, providing for the admission of one day of preliminary detention for two days of imprisonment.

Earlier the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law, which requires courts to deduct sentenced to imprisonment each day that they spent in detention before the sentence as two days of the sentence.

Jailers call to suspend “the law.”