On Mars found traces of a powerful flood

На Марсе нашли следы мощнейшего потопа

Scientists have found traces of the flood on the red planet

Scientists have provided the channel width of a few tens of kilometers.

Representatives of the European space Agency has released picture that is proof of a powerful flood that happened on Mars. The photo was published on the Agency’s website.

His discovery scientists have made in the course of study of photos of the crater Wooster, which made the probe “Mars Express”. It is reported that the crater is located near the plains of Chryse, which is considered to be the bottom of a Martian ocean that existed on the planet about four billion years ago.

Planetary scientists believe that the numerous canyons surrounding plain may be the riverbeds of the Martian rivers.

На Марсе нашли следы мощнейшего потопа

Photo: ESA

The Surface Of Mars

After studying the images taken by the probe Mars Odyssey, experts have suggested traces of tsunami in the photos. About this indicates the shape of the crater Worcester, which looks from above like an island, the edges of which are sharpened with water.

While scientists say that the water went up the hill. This is confirmed by the edges of the craters.

Researchers believe that the flood also contributed to the huge stocks of ice that were under the surface of the plain of Chryse, as well as in other areas of Mars. However, the ice was melted around 3.5 million years ago after volcanic eruption.

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