On Mars have found deposits of water ice

На Марсе нашли запасы водяного льда

Scientists have discovered on Mars vast deposits of ice

Ice can be a valuable resource for the humans to settle on Mars, have informed in Geological service of the USA.

With the help of satellite images the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, scientists have discovered ice in several regions of Mars with steep slopes. On Thursday, January 11, says Science.

According to researchers from the U.S. Geological survey, this ice can be a tempting target for future space missions, as well as a valuable resource for the humans to settle on Mars.

In contrast to the ice fields opened in 2008, Phoenix lander Mars, the layers of water ice are found near the equator, not the poles. Some of these glaciers lie at a depth of just one meter, and their thickness in places exceeds 100 meters.

“Near-surface reserves of ice that we found, most likely began their life in the form of deposits of snow that were compacted into huge glaciers, hidden now under two-meter layer of frozen dust and soil,” – said the representative of the scientific center of the U.S. Geological survey in Arizona and the author of the report about the discovery of ice on Mars, Colin Dundas.

His team managed to open eight large accumulations of surface ice. Seven of them are yet unnamed craters on the plain of Prometheus in the southern hemisphere of Mars, the eighth – in the crater of Milankovitch in the circumpolar part of the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

Scientists say that deposits are at a depth of one to two meters, so to get the ice would be relatively easy. Probably, it is possible to produce oxygen, drinking water or to produce fuel.

Earlier, NASA announced the winter on Mars, when the planet’s surface was covered with a snow of carbon dioxide.