On-site garment factory in Lugansk deployed brigade from Tambov, intelligence

На территории швейной фабрики в Луганске дислоцируется бригада из Тамбова, - разведка

On the territory of the former sewing factory “grace” in Lugansk is stationed a company of 16 separate special purpose brigade (Tambov) IN the Western (St. Petersburg) of the Russian armed forces. About it reports a press-service of the Main Department of intelligence of the MOA.

It is also noted that on the territory of the former factory “the Topaz” (Donetsk) there is a separate Rota of electronic warfare 1 AK and the division of unmanned aerial systems (armed UAV “Orlan-10”), which conducts aerial reconnaissance in Donetsk direction.

In addition, in the area of Staromikhaylovka placed mortar battery 1 infantry battalion of 100 SEPARATE, says the intelligence.

“In Gorlovka (the former territory of PJSC “Concern styrene”) is a self-propelled howitzer-artillery battery artillery brigade (Donetsk) 1 AK. Equipped firing positions in residential quarters “Sunny” and “Aksenovo” (10 km on South from the line of contact) of which are carried out attacks on ATO forces in areas n of Golimowski, zaytsevo, Mayorsk,” informs exploration.

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Recall that in the area of ATO for the past day three soldiers were killed, six were injured.